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Exoprimal (Horde Based Dinosaur Shooter) | Coming July 14, 2023 - Day One Game Pass!


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Gave this a go for a couple of hours. It's not bad. It's like overwatch mixed with a horde based version of gambit (kind of) so you know @Brick would be down.

The first phase is to mow down hordes of dinosaurs (it's dangerous to take a triceratops head on) and there's another team doing the same thing, you see their ghost and the game says if you're ahead or behind. Then it shifts into a payload thing where you escort a payload and can "invade" the other person's game as a dinosaur and then the payloads meet and you kill each other.


Another mode has you picking up datachips or something while fighting off a horde and you can kill the other team for chips.


Then there was another mode where you work together with the other team to kill a mega horde and a neo t-rex. I quit because at the end of the beta all you were getting was this T-Rex mode.


To answer @skillzdadirecta there seems to be like 10 different suits, at least that they showed. (You could only be like 4 in the beta)

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14 minutes ago, stepee said:

Man this looks so fucking fun to me, really wish it had a single player campaign. I hope it somehow clicks with me as one of the very very few multiplayer games I like for a bit so I can have fun shooting dinos.


If it has a mode select (it was random in the network test) there is just a mode where you (and a team) shoot dinosaurs. It's less involved than the regular modes though, you don't get to walk around a map.

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Just now, Keyser_Soze said:


If it has a mode select (it was random in the network test) there is just a mode where you (and a team) shoot dinosaurs. It's less involved than the regular modes though, you don't get to walk around a map.


Not walking around the map sounds kinda lame :P

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  • Keyser_Soze changed the title to Exoprimal (Horde Based Dinosaur Shooter) | Coming July 14, 2023 - Day One Game Pass!
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I liked what I played of the beta tests, so I picked it up. Don't really like installing on the Xbox App anymore so honestly I haven't done any Game Pass in a long time. Playing through Trails into Reverie right now but I'll probably play some of this late tonight!

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If you played the beta, that's all I've seen thus far from the 3 matches I've played.


I guess you unlock new modes and stuff every 10 matches you play?  To start theres basically just the same mode from the beta, but you can shut off the PvP portion at the end.


You also unlock story by playing matches.  

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So I played a little bit yesterday, it was late and I just wanted to see what  the game feels like and there’s no quick way to do that, there is a lot of…stuff before you get to actually play the game. Capcom probably needs to work on making tutorials feel less like tutorials because SF6 opening felt the same way where I start skipping cinemas because it’s just linking more training and I want the training to end. 


That said the game seems fun and like one you can easily ignore the fact that it’s other players if you want and really do your own thing as far as your overall game loop. You do your match then that’s it you go your way and they go theirs, you don’t instant start the next round with mostly the same people. And then all the stuff in between, if there is a cinema or whatever, is yours. 


I’ll have to read a synopsis of the opening since I couldn’t get through it all and no way can I sit through the tutorial again. But the game itself seems very very fun in a very 360era sorta way but with less jank. Also it looks kind of incredible at times with so many dino’s and the size of some of these things.


One weird thing with the pc version, I thought the performance was awful on my laptop then I turned off hdr and wow it runs great as REngine normally does. For some reason hdr halves the framerate but then when you turn it off auto hdr kicks in anyway so..it’s very strange but not a big deal. Just wonder what’s happening out of curiosity since hdr doesn’t offer a performance penalty. I saw this mentioned on resetera so it’s not just me either, weird.

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Game Information

Game Title: Exoprimal


  • PlayStation 5 (Jul 14, 2023)
  • PlayStation 4 (Jul 14, 2023)
  • PC (Jul 14, 2023)
  • Xbox Series X/S (Jul 14, 2023)
  • Xbox One (Jul 14, 2023)


Publisher: Capcom

    Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 68 average - 28% recommended

Critic Reviews

33bits - Juanma F. Padilla - Spanish - 75 / 100

Exoprimal is a good game, which complies in its technical and playable sections, although it is perhaps guilty of having (for now at least) little variety in its playable proposal. Although it is a fun game, in the world of online games of this type, it takes more to stand out, and the starting price can be an obstacle for people to give it a try if they do not trust its success, otherwise which depends on whether it continues to be playable and the servers are not closed or empty, turning it, as has happened on too many occasions, into a €60 coaster. A complete story mode that can be enjoyed solo or cooperatively would have definitely convinced, but only with what offers, raises many doubts.

Attack of the Fanboy - Marc Magrini - 3.5 / 5

Exoprimal has fantastic PvE content and an intriguing story, but its focus on competitive modes hurts its attractiveness to newcomers, and its lack of offline capabilities might eventually kill the game entirely. It has the potential to be so much more, but such a high-profile title shouldn't have to rely on potential alone. Capcom should take steps to ensure more players can enjoy Exoprimal to its fullest - and to ensure all players won't be left without a game to enjoy after its services end.

But Why Tho? - Eddie De Santiago - 8 / 10

Exoprimal has a lot of heart and plenty of exciting moments, but you’ll need to go digging for them.

CGMagazine - Andrew Farrell - 7 / 10

Exoprimal has a lot of fun dino-blasting to be had, but you’ll need to get past some truly questionable barriers to get to that point.

Cerealkillerz - Nick Erlenhof - German - 7.2 / 10

Exoprimal has a great basic structure. Fun, varied classes, great visuals and a crazy setting. However, since the story should be blatantly ignored and the variety leaves something to be desired with only one mode, the game can only be unreservedly recommended for GamePass so far. It is addictive and fun, but simply offers too little for a full-price title.

Chicas Gamers - Raúl Pinto - Spanish - Unscored

Exoprimal is a fun third-person shooter game in which we have to fight in teams of 5 people, killing all kinds of dinosaurs that may or may not face each other in the end. It's a flashy game, but it gets repetitive over time, although graphically it's really good. Its soundtrack accompanies it in a good way with exceptional performance and well-run PvP.

Digital Trends - Giovanni Colantonio - 4 / 5

It may have the brains of a dodo, but that’s what I find so endearing about it. It’s a flightless bird that carries itself with the confidence of a swan.

Entertainment Geekly - Luis Alvaro - 3 / 5

Exoprimal is a prime example of a game whose brilliance is somewhat obscured by its flaws. It boasts a compelling mix of story and gameplay, tied together with remarkable exo-suit designs. However, it’s held back by a lack of content and an unbalanced PvP experience. If Capcom refines these rough edges and continues to capitalize on what works, Exoprimal could emerge as a dominant species in the gaming ecosystem.

Eurogamer - Edwin Evans-Thirlwell - 3 / 5

It's a sight for saur eyes, but not quite enough to make Exoprimal essential. There's real cleverness to the PvPvE balance, and to how Leviathan modifies that one, core mode as the game unfolds, but after 15 hours, it still feels like an exercise in reshuffling well-worn pieces. I don't think it earns that blockbuster price tag. As a subscription game, though, Exoprimal is dino-mite.

GAMES.CH - Joel Kogler - German - 78%

Exoprimal is just a few unfortunate missteps short of being a hidden gem. The base gameplay that mixes hoard-based PvE and high-stakes PvP is unique and interesting. Even the absurd story about dimension-hopping AI dye and mechanized soldiers fighting dinosaurs had us intrigued. However, the variety of gameplay on offer simply does not justify the price tag and is especially disappointing in regards to the rampant monetization through battle-pass and premium skins. On Gamepass, however, this is a must-try for sure.

GGRecon - Lloyd Coombes - 3 / 5

Exoprimal isn't something anyone really expected, but landing on Bikitoa Island with no expectations may have made the game more enjoyable - at least in the earliest hours.

Sadly, it doesn't tend to evolve past that, with its explosive opening volley followed by repetition that, while still fun, feels unfinished. While I'm hopeful more game modes are on the way, what's here right now that's enough bite to convince you to stick around for long.

GameGrin - Jacob Sanderson - 6.5 / 10

As a whole package, I found myself having fun with Exoprimal, but the harsh lack of content and weak progression systems really hold it back. It has potential, and maybe a fantastic game later on, but right now it's difficult to justify the price tag.

Gamersky - 前朝刘沛公 - Chinese - 6 / 10

The gameplay, story and design in Exoprimal will make you feel fresh and excited when you first play it. However, the existing gameplay makes it challenging for players to sustain that freshness for an extended period of time.

GamesRadar+ - Hirun Cryer - 2.5 / 5

"There's simply not enough variation here to keep Exoprimal feeling fresh after a dozen or so hours"

Gaming Nexus - Eric Hauter - 8.5 / 10

Exoprimal is both familiar and unique, with intense gameplay, tight controls, and an interesting mix of PVE and PVP gameplay. The sheer number of characters offers a lot of interesting ways to approach the game, and the ability to shift builds adds even more depth to possible team construction. Some players might find the game repetitive, but I've enjoyed getting to know the maps and systems and exploring the bonkers storyline. Recommended for players looking for something deeply accessible and a little different. I'm having a blast with Exoprimal, and can't wait to see where it goes next.

GamingBolt - Ravi Sinha - 5 / 10

With so many incredible releases over the past few years, Exoprimal feels like an odd misfire from Capcom. Its combat and graphics are good, but the live service elements, PvEvP focus, and more detract from the experience.

Generación Xbox - David Fernandez - Spanish - 75 / 100

Exoprimal is a great video game, with fun gameplay and a lot of potential, but it has been stuck in that, a game with potential. The lack of content and its lack of life in intentionality makes it one more game of the bunch, one that you enjoy 2 weeks and leave lying around. That the above is not bad in itself, but unfortunately it is only PvP multiplayer, and these games survive that you play for years.

GideonsGaming - Joseph Pugh - Yes

Exoprimal’s core gameplay is stellar. The exosuits are a blast to play, and the game’s entire structure lends itself to team play really well, even with randoms.

Its novel blend of PvP & PvE is incredibly unique and makes each match a fluid ever-changing experience. The game’s use of epic 10-player cooperative raids to break up the cycle is a nice touch. You always look forward to them, but the fact that they aren’t used constantly keeps them from getting stale.

Hey Poor Player - Shane Boyle - 3 / 5

I intend on sticking with Exoprimal despite these gripes, though, because the core of what’s here works so well. We also know future seasons will bring more content to the game, which should hopefully mitigate some of my complaints. In terms of whether I recommend Exoprimal in its current state, however, that’s a different question. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind investing in a product on the promise of what it might become, then I say go for it, jump on in. The core gameplay is so well refined that I have no doubt that fans of shooters and team-based shooters will find merit in what Capcom has produced and be able to overlook its rougher edges in the way I have. Whether that enthusiasm lingers long after the launch period remains to be seen. As highlighted, Exoprimal has core issues that need resolving to ensure it doesn’t become another live service casualty.

Hobby Consolas - Daniel Quesada - Spanish - 77 / 100

What's already on the table is a lot of fun and reasonably spectacular for any shooter fan. The question is: will it be enough to sustain interest for weeks?

IGN - Mitchell Saltzman - 8 / 10

Exoprimal's unique take on the hero shooter genre is a bold one – with its best modes and surprises hidden deep within its goofy sci-fi story – but a variety of fun exosuits, the simple appeal of tearing through thousands of dinos, and great multiplayer design make that grind an easy one to recommend sticking with.

IGN Italy - Angelo Bianco - Italian - 6.9 / 10

Exoprimal has several merits, including making dinosaur hunting fun and challenging fights between exosuits. At the same time, however, Capcom has made several mistakes, such as focusing on only one mode and launching a game that cannot entertain in the medium to long term. In short, after the missteps made with Resident Evil Re:Verse and Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, Capcom has again missed the opportunity to make a noteworthy multiplayer experience.

Metro GameCentral - GameCentral - 6 / 10

A very peculiar online shooter that manages to be both quietly original and shamelessly derivative all at the same time. It does have dinosaurs in it though and that counts for a lot.

New Game Network - Alex Varankou - 65 / 100

Exoprimal offers some initially fun and chaotic multiplayer action, but it delays new enemies and objectives for far too long, and without a good reason. The dino enemies and the PVPVE systems don't end up being particularly interesting either, and given the high asking price, it's probably better to get your action fix elsewhere, at least for now.

PCGamesN - Lauren Bergin - 5 / 10

Where life finds a way, Exoprimal has lost its purpose. Defined by boring combat and a lack of innovation, I'm left feeling like that Brachiosaurus in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – hopeless and yearning for more.

PSX Brasil - Marco Aurélio Couto - Portuguese - 65 / 100

Exoprimal has a well-structured and quite fun gameplay. But the lack of variation in game modes and a restricted progression system end up hurting its release. Despite this, if you like multiplayer games, keep an eye on Exoprimal, as Capcom's medium-term support could make it a more interesting option.

Press Start - James Mitchell - 8 / 10

Exoprimal earnestly attempts to bring together engaging single-player style encounters that Capcom is known for with an unexpectedly solid multiplayer offering reminiscent of games like Lost Planet. It's a joy to play and a great melding of PvP and PvE elements. While it's a shame that what it has to offer is dealt to players so opaquely, Exoprimal is a pleasant surprise that's well worth a look and not to be underestimated.

Push Square - Sammy Barker - 7 / 10

A white-knuckle fusion of Overwatch 2 and Gears of War, the excellent Exoprimal is one of the best co-op shooters in quite some time. With a varied, entertaining roster of characters, all with unique playstyles and synergies, there's tactical depth to this third-person shooter which only serves to make its pulsating prehistoric battles all the more rewarding. While it is a little lightweight at launch, and there will be questions over whether it'll receive the post-release support required to ensure its longevity, there's the foundation for something truly special here.

Rectify Gaming - Henry - 6.5 / 10

At the end of the day, Exoprimal is a competent team based dinosaur shooting PVEVP experience that’s just plain dumb fun, and that’s okay. There’s no reason not to give it a try if you are already a subscriber of Xbox Game Pass, but I’d hold off for a sale if you aren’t.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Ed Thorn - Unscored

A low-stakes team shooter where racing to slay dinosaurs has its wow moments, only most of them are locked behind a baffling disrespect for one's time.

SVG - Arron Kluz - 7 / 10

Even with its slightly convoluted story, "Exoprimal" offers a unique and enjoyable experience with its blend of elements from different genres.

Shacknews - Ozzie Mejia - 6 / 10

Unfortunately, the pacing is slower than a triceratops wading through a tar pit. Cooler dinos and greater objective variety should keep players coming back for more, but they're unfortunately locked behind a story that's more tedious than Jurassic World and unfolds just as slowly. This is without even mentioning that cutscenes can sometimes play twice and some story instances (I'm looking at you, Magnum!) will not only play out multiple times, they'll play out with the same unskippable dialogue, the same extended loading times, and the same objectives.

The Beta Network - Anthony Culinas - 6 / 10

While it does contain some satisfying combat and runs remarkably well online for PC, Exoprimal’s repetitive gameplay loop starts to lose steam quicker than green grass through a goose.

The Outerhaven Productions - Nic Fox - 3.5 / 5

Exoprimal stands as one of the most confusingly enjoyable cooperative experiences I have played in 2023. And thanks to the player feedback, Capcom has implemented a change that allows players to play either in PVE or PVP mode. Exoprimal will appeal to players on both sides of the fence. Sure, the game has some faults, but it's still a blast to play, and I'm looking forward to seeing where Capcom goes with Exoprimal.

The Punished Backlog - Sam Martinelli - 4 / 10

A major focus of games discourse in recent years has been the number of notable titles that released in an unfinished, unpolished state. Exoprimal presents the inverse of this fear, where players get a fully-polished title that fails to elicit even a modicum of delight or exhilaration. There’s nothing wrong with a campy, silly backdrop for a multiplayer title, but you have to actually make the case that shooting these MacGuffins is a better use of time than shooting a different set of MacGuffins. In the current environment for multiplayer experiences⁠—which is far more competitive than it’s ever been for new entrants⁠—simply working as intended can’t be enough.

Thumb Culture - 4 / 5

The gameplay of Exoprimal plays really well, with the suits being easy to learn and feeling like each brings something to the team as intended. The story is where the game starts to lose my interest, as sadly, playing multiplayer repeatedly to get some data or cinematic is pretty boring.

VG247 - Connor Makar - 3 / 5

Exoprimal will be a rollercoaster of surprises for the majority of players. Making your way through the fifty-or-so matches it takes to hit credits, experiencing all the spectacle on display in this curveball of a game, is in my opinion worth the cost of admission for Game Pass users, and perhaps at a discount for all others. It'll remain a presence on my PS5 home screen, for now at least.

Wccftech - Francesco De Meo - 7 / 10

While its basics are solid, and its story surprisingly interesting, Exoprimal leaves something to be desired. With a limited amount of PvP and PvE missions, and average maps, the excellent visual and combat design of the Exosuits and the occasional surprise raid mission are not enough to keep the whole experience engaging after a dozen or so hours. Taking down hordes of dinosaurs can be fun, but the game definitely needed something more to be a must-have, especially at its price tag.

We Got This Covered - David James - 4 / 5

Exoprimal makes a terrible first impression, but stick with it and it soon blossoms into a bonkers, senses-blasting, and ludicrously fun shooter. By the endgame, you'll be squaring off with thousands of ravenous raptors, rampaging T-Rexes, sniper Neosaurs, barrages of laser fire, and players popping off crazy ultimate moves. It's just a shame you have to grind through a very repetitive and limited opening to get there.

XboxEra - Jesse Norris - 7.5 / 10

Exoprimal is a solid foundation.  What is here now will be fun for a month or two, and Capcom will need to show that they can back up what sounds like a solid live service plan.  It is available for $60 or on Game Pass for both console and PC.  Solo or with friends it is a hell of a lot of fun, and an easy recommendation to at least give it a try.


Reviews are rolling in now…and they look about right after playing more of if. It really feels like a much better Gamepass perk than game you would spend $60 on. It’s fun in that janky sort of 360era wacky complete nonsense sorta way but I don’t think anything here really elevates it beyond that. 

And while you can basically pretend it is a single player game I still wish very much it was just that. A 10 hour campaign as mechs killing dino hordes is all this design really needed.

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