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I just want to say thank you


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As some of you know I deal with immense pain losing my identical twin brother and suffer from crippling anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.


This board has always been there for me whenever I reached out for guidance and help. This place is full of amazing people who genuinely care for one and another. 


This board is my escape from real life and I consider everyone here friends. Thank you guys for interacting with me be it with life issues, movies, and videogames. 


I don't have any real life friends so this is my place to get away. Anyway, I love you guys. Thanks

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2 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:


You two live in the same state, you could make it happen!


I'm too shy to meet up with people. He is only a few hours away too. He would be a great dude to hang out with I know that. 

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