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~*Official US Government Default Watch 2021 Thread*~

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I'd be absolutely shocked if he decided that the filibuster was worth defaulting. If there's anyone more beholden to corporate interests on the Dem side I'd be shocked.


Hell, showing willingness to change this rule here for this specific context might be enough to get Republicans on board with voting for cloture and not changing the rule.

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2 hours ago, Air_Delivery said:

They should just hold a vote to raise the debt limit on Oct 17. They will cave and it will be awesome. 


womp womp



Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell offered a temporary patch to the nation's borrowing limit, which the president's party is accepting without taking his other terms.


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So much time absolutely wasted this week negotiating this deal on a TWO MONTH extension and then the GOP having to spend time amongst themselves finding the 10 people to actually vote on it. The idea that this is supposed to be somehow less stupid than minting a big coin and stamping $1T on it is absurd.

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4 minutes ago, Joe said:

What does this mean? I read it like 5 times and the only thing I could parse out is so ridiculous I must be misreading it.

There's always two votes. One to "invoke cloture" aka stop debate and vote on the bill, and then the actual vote on the bill itself. The cloture vote is the one that, so long as the filibuster rules are in place, requires 60 votes to pass.

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12 hours ago, b_m_b_m_b_m said:

"your lieutenants" lmao as if he wasn't trumps lackey

If any of this scum were soldiers, they'd have been sent to a warzone without firing pins in their rifles and lego in their vests.  Worthless trashbags. 


Not that Lieutenants ever do any of the fighting, but its a nice thought. 


Im at the point where the guillotine is too good for them. Hanging without a drop, that's the answer. Let them squirm so we can see the fear as they struggle to breathe. Meanwhile, have someone on the platform taunting them. "We'd like to help, but we only 51 votes. We wouldn't want to hurt democracy by doing the right thing. I mean, you could have voted to end the fillibuster! But hey, at least you wore your wacky earings!"


Manchin should be smothered under a pile of coal. Clean coal, im not cruel.

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On 10/9/2021 at 8:06 AM, BloodyHell said:



Manchin should be smothered under a pile of coal. Clean coal, im not cruel.

I believe they call them diamonds at that point.



Don’t even give him coal. He is such a tight ass on any movement for the Dems. That I’m pretty sure he would start taking that coal, shove it up his own ass to make himself a diamond(s)

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