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Where do your family members live?


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My dad and older brother both live in Portland. Oldest sister lives in @Commissar SFLUFAN's base of operations. Other sister lives in indianapolis. Younger brother lives in Rome. My cousins that I'm actually in contact with live in Dayton and Los Angeles. My aunt also lives in LA. My other aunt lives in Nashville but I haven't spoken to her in like 5 years, so maybe she doesn't live there anymore. Grandparents are dead.

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My parents live next door, one of my brothers lives with them, one other brother and his fam live about 5 minutes away, and last brother lives 4 hours away in Dallas


My wife’s family is split between 15 minutes away, and 12+ hours away in New Mexico. Trying to get my mother in law here in Houston though.

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2 minutes ago, BlueAngel said:


She divorced my father when I was 5, my youngest sister was not even a year old. She ran off called the cops saying my dad a deputy sheriff in Philadelphia was constantly beating her, it never happened. I sat on his lap with two guns to his head, he couldn't lose me and my four sisters, he put them down when I hopped on his lap, we cried I knew what was going on at five years old. He raised all five of us alone, somehow. Always had what we needed, couldn't ask for a better father. He got full custody, she did her thing had another kid and got remarried. 

I didn't go through something i could say was similar, but my mom was a fucking psycho. My dad was also a shitty father until I was like 15, now he's one of my best friends. Me and my brother eventually decided to run away and my dad took us in after not speaking for 3-4 years.


I always wanted my mom to change. I extended that olive branch more times than I can count. Sometimes it seems like she did, then before you know it was back to being an abusive conspiracy crazy person



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