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How much are you paying for streaming services?


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I just saw a segment on Bloomberg that claims "cord-cutters pay $92/month for all major streaming services."


Right now I've got Netflix ($14), Spotify ($10), Apple ($10), HBO ($15), Starz ($5), YouTube Premium ($10), and Curiosity Stream/Nebula ($3)



If I include various things I support on things like Patreon, that adds another $24/month


All together I'm spending $91/month. I don't have Disney+, Paramount whatever, or Hulu. And I use my dad's girlfriend's Prime account (they use my Netflix)

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Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus (annual), Hulu (on a $2 a month deal), Spotify. So that's about $50 a month. Last year I impulsively bought an annual sub for the Criterion Channel, but I've already cancelled that and it expires in a couple weeks. I also have Amazon Prime on an annual plan, but I wouldn't know what dollar amount I would attach to that for these purposes, since streaming is just one piece of it. 



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-4k Netflix plan

-Amazon Prime (Yearly) 




-Giantbomb (I pay the $4.99 a month plan because I appreciate their stuff). 

-Tried out Hulu for 2 months but this just reminded me I need to cancel it. 

-Just paid around $48 for a year of Shudder(probably won't re subscribe afterwards but it's alright).

-I was going to subscribe to a commercial free audio service but I can always find something to listen to on Amazon Music so I just use that since it's included with Prime. 


Total cost: $ I don't know because I'm to lazy to do the math and I probably don't want to actually know.  Probably going to get rid of HBO for a while after Mortal Kombat. 

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Not sure to be honest.

HBO Max is included with ATT internet / cell service.

I have youtube tv, CBS All Access, Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and I think I'm subscribed to PBS via Amazon and probably some other shit I'm paying for but don't remember.

I also have MLB.TV.


Disney+ and AppleTV are paid for for a year or 2 I think.

Also have a spotify family account I pay for as well.


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I pay $18 for Netflix for the 4K and then the extra accounts all at once because my girlfriends family all mooches off the password. But we use their Hulu. I have ESPN+ because I got really into ufc during the pandemic. Then Apple Music and YouTube premium. Just cancelled wwe network. Oh and mlb.tv so I can still watch the dodgers.

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