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Manchin Says Any Overhaul of Voting Rights Must Have GOP Support

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3 minutes ago, thewhyteboar said:

The VRA was one of the few things that forced America to live up to its ideals. So of course Republicans had to gut it.

Republican courts. In 06 when the VRA was reauthorized (a mere 7-8 years before CJR struck it down because of *reasons*) it passed the Senate nearly unanimously! 


This is of course what Republicans want the courts to do mind you. Give cover for their abhorrent politics

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On a leaked conference call, leaders of dark-money groups and an aide to Mitch McConnell expressed frustration with the popularity of the legislation—even among Republican voters.

With so little public support, the bill’s opponents have already begun pressuring individual senators. On March 20th, several major conservative groups, including Heritage Action, Tea Party Patriots Action, Freedom Works, and the local and national branches of the Family Research Council, organized a rally in West Virginia to get Senator Joe Manchin, the conservative Democrat, to come out against the legislation. They also pushed Manchin to oppose any efforts by Democrats to abolish the Senate’s filibuster rule, a tactical step that the Party would probably need to take in order to pass the bill. “The filibuster is really the only thing standing in the way of progressive far-left policies like H.R. 1, which is Pelosi’s campaign to take over America’s elections,” Noah Weinrich, the press secretary at Heritage Action, declared during a West Virginia radio interview. On Thursday, Manchin issued a statement warning Democrats that forcing the measure through the Senate would “only exacerbate the distrust that millions of Americans harbor against the U.S. government.”


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