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I'm "BACK" Motherf&%$ers!! Literally!


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     Sorry about the harshness of the title,


     I'm just really excited! I just got released Saturday afternoon from the hospital after 5 days in recovery for Spinal fusion surgery L4 and L5 discs replaced with spacers (both of which were completely gone) and fused together with screws and bone marrow to completely form new bone around the spacers over the next 3 months!  This was two seperate procedures done with one full day in between! This was a procedure that was originally scheduled for early April 2020, but because of Covid-19 and the pandemic was canceled 3x !! The last time was literally the night before I was supposed to show up at 7:30am. I'm super optimistic and greatful and should be getting better day by day! 

    Never thought I'd be do happy to be using a Walker, and needing my wife to dress me funny! Heed my advise people, take care of your BACK!

    SO, be prepared to have many long and babble like soliloquies in amongst your daily posts, etc! No dought these will be much to long, with very little to say as always. 



    You all stay super safe and healthy, peace!!

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Thanks guys

    Even though I'm in a lot of pain as of now, it's much different than before. I'm so hoping that I'm done with that crap! It's affected my everyday life now for many years. This pain now is more from the front stomach muscles incision where they had to spread it apart to get to the actual discs as it's all blocked in the back by bone. second one was through the back 2 days later where 4 long screws were placed to make me stable while the bone grows and fill in all around the new spacers. I'm so excited to have had this done finally! fingers cross that it's all post surgery pains and we shall see!

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