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What historical topic would you turn into a movie/tv series?

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1 hour ago, SimpleG said:

The Life Of Yi Soon Shin

30 some navel battle wins under his belt including one where his 13 ships took on and defeated 120+ Japanese ships by funneling them into the narrows of Myeongnyang.

There's a Korean movie about him. 


I think it's on Netflix.

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After reading a small amount about it, I would find a very accurate representation of slavery as it operated in the United Kingdom - supporting the trade across the world - just to gain more of a view about it. 


Or, the Witch hunts in England that proceeded those in the US. 

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Maybe when Matthew Perry went to Japan to open up trade. It seemed to be a bigger deal in Japanese history than US history. If we covered it all in history classes it was maybe a paragraph. 

On 1/23/2021 at 10:40 PM, skillzdadirecta said:

Reconstruction... particularly the advancements that freed slaves made after the civil war that was later taken back during Jim Crow.


I am really surprised this hasn’t been done already with Tyler Perry, Opra, or Jordan Peele as executive producer of the project. 

more than ever we all should learn about that time period in US history and the contributions of African Americans and that they weren’t just waiting for white people to give them things. Sure there are books, but for reaching a wide audience, you just can’t beat a well produced limited series show. 

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Neerja Bhanot... I know theres already a film about it. But its a story worth telling again with even more heightened tension.


Carlos Hathcock.. film, cause yup


Any story covering events during the Trump administration... there is so much cruelty and malice in this time that any topic will do: Cruelty at the border, Assault on Capitol, Charlotte, Cult of personality around Trump, Jamal Khashoggi, the election itself...... the more the better, turning the page on this period without truly baring it all for us to see would not be wise

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