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Steel-Toe Work Boots


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They weren't steel toed but they do make them, Merrell shoes are durable and comfortable (IMO) but the best thing you can do is invest in an insole for your shoes. It will make them more comfortable than just putting your feet in raw.

Something like this i thought worked pretty well for me: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005ODG1SS/


I worked 8 hours shifts where I mostly stood or walked around a building.

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I have some Stanley low-cut ones that are really comfortable but a bit worn out now. I went to replace them but even though the picture online looks like the ones I have, what's actually available is a different model that I don't find comfortable (feels a bit constricted around the toes). Ideally you want to try them out first.

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8 minutes ago, johnny said:

When I worked at a job that needed those they got us Red Wing shoes and those were pretty comfortable and durable

I am gonna second this

I wear steel toes all day ,5 days a week and i love them.


8 inch safety toe boot with heavy-duty steel toe protection is built to get you through long hours in demanding environments with comfortable soles. Shop Now At Red Wing Shoes.


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I too need steel toed shoes for work myself. I usually go through them in 6-8 months time (big guy and foot issues from 23 year old ankle/foot break) I’m currently light duty work but wear them all day for work (10hr shift, 4 days a week) Work as a pop merchandising stores, and have walked a few times 4km to a store in them with no issue. It is the closest feeling I have had to wearing a pair of regular runners. Anyways I’m still wearing a pair of these Reebok Sublite, and are still comfy on my feet after a year and half of use. Also still in roughly good shape. They don’t have the grip like CATS SpiderGrip shoes, but the comfort is so much nicer. 



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