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  1. Adding these to the games list will be more fun than playing them.
  2. I do wish the game let me explore it when I wanted to instead of opening up after to finish the the story. The gameplay was kinda repetitive and the same. You go to an area, solve a simple puzzle, kill some samey bad guys then a mini boss. It's well made but way overrated.
  3. I just own the one that came with the PS4 but rarely use it.
  4. Overrated story over gameplay. No thanks.
  5. Losts of amateur developers use Unity because it's so easy to work with. Their games work but the quality isn't so hot. Only good developers know how to use it correctly.
  6. I've got lots of family older than her that look younger. I never would have guessed she was only 61.
  7. I used to be GigersALIEN. But I not only changed my name I made a new account because no email was sent to me and I don't know what a Discord is.
  8. She looks really fucking old. but I do like this assumes everything past part 2 never existed.
  9. I liked Solo even with the part were it was suggested that Lando had sex with a that droid. Speaking of that droid I found it pretty hilarious that she was way over the top and a obvious parody of SJW's. The movie was fine but it wasn't advertised well and followed the dismal That Last Jedi. I doubt the Rian Johnson trilogy is ever going to happen. I'm pretty confident he'll never be allowed to fuck up Star Wars again.
  10. The major difference between the two games is that Destiny 1, while still playable, is no longer supported.
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