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  1. Especially not to post pictures on your own website attending a party called "To Catch A Predator" where you're playing the part of one of the predators.
  2. That article was disgusting to read mostly because it's Kotaku, overly long, poorly written and does not contain a shred of factual information.
  3. Add this to the heaping pile of generic indie platformers to be forgotten a week after release.
  4. I rarely replay a single player game. I barely played God of War. It was kinda boring.
  5. That's nice for Gunn but why do you think Disney will think they made a mistake? Disney will be fine with or without Gunn.
  6. This is PG-13 and many of the fully filmed gorey parts were cut to make it fit the rating just so kids could see it.
  7. That's all Disney needs is for Gunn to be asked by some reporter on any future red carpet about his child rape jokes. There's no way in hell they'll rehire him to direct.
  8. I don't care about her sexuality unless the show revolves around that to make it forced. But she's a bad choice. She can't act.
  9. Hah. This event was the best thing that happened to the guy. Now he has even more subscribers to his generic youtube channel from people that love listening to generic reviews set to generic gameplay videos.
  10. The game has three stories but right now I'm going back and forth from a space station to a planet running from sentinels as I steal these glowy balls to sell for big bucks.
  11. While the basic gameplay looks alright what's absolute trash is that this game has no single player content and looks like it was cobbled together in 6 months after Treyach had to cancel the story mode. There's no way this game took 3 years to make. Even worse Activision is charging full price with an all or nothing $50 DLC pack. I'll be waiting for a deep sale.
  12. No, but from watching others play it on Youtube it looks pretty good.
  13. I finished all the story missions once with the green armor. While they were fun re-mixes I'm not going to do those again. Maybe if the difficulty was increased and had matchmaking like with strikes and I could use my real armor set I'd play them again. The armor set end goal for this event kinda sucks compared to what I already have so there's no incentive for me. My Hunter is already 385, that's as high as I need to be until Forsaken. And the only reason I play Crucible is for the weekly powerful gear. I have it. Bungie would have to pay me to play their shitty pvp mode any longer than that!
  14. I thought the requirements for the green armor were all there was too it. So you have to do all that tedious crap again and again and...again? HAHA no thank you!
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