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  1. Having seen all of the leaked plot I'm confident that the game will be fine. The controversy is overblown and muxh of the negativity is based on lies. For instance there is absolutely no political and social agenda anywhere.
  2. I saw the spoilers because I don't care about this overrated series. All I can say is...HAHAHA.
  3. I'm still into Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. It's good. It plays a lot like Freedom Wars. Same developer too.
  4. I predict they'll cut out most or all of the castle stage.
  5. Seems like at most, if you plan to do everything, the game will last you around 40 hours. That kinda short.
  6. I finished up Wolfenstein New Order, great game, but now I think I'm going to dive into Gun Gale Online(Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet). Just watched the anime on Netflix and it was pretty cool.
  7. I played it when it was new but never made it past the 3rd level. I kept losing interest.
  8. I played most of DOOM 2016 but quit because it's just a bunch of boring arena kill rooms. Now I'm playing through Wolfenstein The New Order and it's so much more interesting.
  9. Most of the PS+ freebies are games I had no intention to ever buy. Works out good for me.
  10. I'm playing through the Ada Wong campaign in Resident Evil 6. I think I like it best because it actually has some damn puzzles.
  11. I'm currently playing through a new game+ of Resident Evil Revelations and starting up WH40k Inquisitor Martyr.
  12. Will it be just like the original of that automatic fight mode where you choose commands? Either way I turned off the demo in disgust at how awful the combat was to me. It's a pretty game but it may be style over substance sold in who knows how many $60 episodes. Nah fam.
  13. I actually am having a problem. The boss fight is annoying as hell. Deleted. On to another game! HAHA
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