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  1. Mmm genetically engineered food. (these have been around for years).
  2. Both dialogs are cheesy but that's ok it's supposed to be. The original is superior though. The remake sounds like something out of The Power Rangers.
  3. Hordak is rocking that Hitler hair...um ok. Every female in my family who was a fan of the original either don't care for this or outright despise it. It looks cheap as hell too. At least the original show is still on Netflix.
  4. Very good games but this is just a cash grab lackluster port.
  5. Will it be a version that won't break when you touch it? Complaints of it bending and warping are not rare since it's target audience is children. With so many attachments like the joycons it's only a matter of time they will give way being they are the primary way to hold and control that handhold game system. The system is just cheaply made and overpriced. USB connectors in general are made to fail as they are one of the most used parts of any electronic device. They break all the time not from user error but by normal use. Not that companies intentionally made them to fail just how they are designed is not optimal. Tiny, frail metal on metal.
  6. BO3 is now around 80gb last I checked. BO4 is 100gb without updates. Also RDR2 is rumored to be around 120gb. Hopefully that 100gb means the game is really 50gb and just needs twice the amount on the harddrive to install it. The game has no story so what would be taking up all that space?
  7. I assumed VR was discontinued years ago. They still make games for that silly thing?
  8. I think I solved the masterwork core issue. I stopped playing until Bungie decides to fix it.
  9. At this point I want to see an assembly cut of the film where the good guy Predators who have been living on Earth for years to help the humans prepare of the coming invasion and on their down time hunt animals inside a gated reserve. I want Edward James Almos' character back in who recruits Predators into the military who are against the invasion. I want to see the scene where the dying big Predator points to the autistic kid and says "you are a true warrior". I want to see that box the rogue Predator stole to open up and reveal a bunch of hybrid mutant creatures that start attacking the humans instead of that nonsense they put in there instead. It can't be worse than the mess we got.
  10. That trailer put me to sleep. They're trying way too hard to be funny to the point where it's just background noise.
  11. I think that most players in there know how to make it go heroic but it's much harder because players are underleveled they don't even bother. It does seem to be more empty than other spaces. That could be because of the poor progression system, the area isn't really all that interesting with only one landing zone or the entire game is on the decline. Probably all of the above.
  12. Apparently Bungie will be addressing the masterwork core issue, who knows how though. Forcing us to use masterwork cores to infuse gear to useable status was a typical Bungo decision and really makes the game feel like more of a grind than Warframe. And they will be addressing the Sleeper Simulant issue in Gambit somehow too. Hopefully they reduce the autoaim because you can get headshots with it just by aiming at a players feet. Gambit is sometimes fun but not as a solo player. Sometimes you can win if your team is either good and the other team sucks. But it's the only unigue thing Bungie added to Destiny. It's not bad...but right now it's not good either. Overall the multiplayer in Destiny is garbage even after the "fix". I only do some of it to get high level gear each week. The main game is the PVE and while it is fun it's still the same old content we've seen before but now closer to Destiny 1 with a slew of bounties. Actually more bounties than ever located in every destination save for The Farm. Even Tess has bounties awarding you bright dust. If you're a person previously disappointed in year 1 Destiny 2 but are thinking of giving Forsaken a chance, most of the sandbox changes came in the free update so check that out first. Otherwise Forsaken adds a super short story, two new destinations and the usual raid and strikes etc. Some people rave about the Dreaming City destination but to me it's just a nice looking extra location full of the usual bounties and lost sectors but with a boring as hell "I wish I was as fun as Archon's Forge" public arena mode and a lot of tedious secrets making you think the area has real depth. More stuff might open up later there of course but I'd rather it all be there sooner than tricking out one extra mission a week like they seem to be doing. I play it because I'd addicted to the gunplay(There still is no other shooter with gun mechanics as good as this) and getting new gear but this expansion is disappointing. The Taken King and Rise of Iron were better overall in Destiny 1. I'd wait for a sale, the asking price is way too high.
  13. The first trailer was horrid. made it out to be a show for really young window licking children. The latest trailer is a lot better. While it's still a show aimed at kids at least they're going out into space and not only racing. I like the retired Tie Fighter pilot character. I'm not seeing this do so well though on XD with it's 10pm time slot. I'm sure it won't be anywhere as good as Clone Wars or Rebels but I'd watch a few episodes if it comes to other outlets in syndication.
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