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  1. Cracker is a pretty old slur dating back to the late 1500's. While it's meaning has changed a bit over the years it's meant to offend whites and Irish immigants as being poor and lower class. It has nothing to do with whip cracking slaves. At one point is was used to describe whites that were too poor to own slaves. This censor issue doesn't look like a glitch but some programmer attempting to be cute over the historical backlash.
  2. I spoiled the ending for myself because as a Predator 1&2 fan, everything leading up to this movie has been painful. I read that most of the movie is a good time with lots of blood and gore but the ending completely ruins it. And it's not even the original ending, which probably wouldn't have been much better. Oh well. I catch it on video or something.
  3. I just watched Black Panther on Netflix. It was pretty mediocre. But over all I liked it. Just no reason ever to watch it again.
  4. I don't think I've ever been this distracted in Destiny before. It took me a few days to finish the initial Baron adventures on the Tangled Shore because of all of Spiders bounties as well as the weekly challenges to get powerful gear etc. There are many many ways to get powerful gear and other stuff now taking a player all over the game Some of it resets daily, weekly and every 4 days. Lot's of stuff to do and good rewards to get. I even like Gamibt now. And the collection page is great, I can buy any shader I've found as well as every ship and sparrow. Sparrows actually have random perks each time you buy them. I had to buy a few to get one of my favorite legendary sparrows to spawn at 160 speed. So far I think Bungie fixed the game.
  5. That was a well put together trailer of frantic never boring action. In other words: Completely fictional.
  6. DICE has sadly made another "pew pew" basic shooter like their Battlefronts. There's nothing here that resembles Battlefield other than the name. This game has no soul.
  7. I like the first game but this "prequel" looks to improve on it in every way. It's basically Wing Commander: Privateer with a "Firefly" like atmosphere.
  8. The designers of this are saying that they're having a hard time maintaining 60fps. They say it can run that fast depending how many players are on screen but not always but they won't be locking it to 30fps. Also I had read that Blackout is 80 players.
  9. So far so good with Forsaken. The new patrol zone is dense and there's a lot to do with the triumps page and collections. Finally they put the damn lore in the damn game. The Bow is amazing. And while it takes a lot more resources to infuse it's nice I could infuse something like a hand cannon into the bow instead of needing another bow. Spider's bounties keeps you busy too making you go to different planets. Though when he sends you to lost sectors it's a trial and error game for me as I haven't memorized the names of those things. Making those Adventures part of the Forsaken story a great idea. All the bosses are unigue so far. The pike on pike action was pretty cool. Speaking of bounties, after dismantling a lot of stuff a new bounty popped up that would give me materials and glimmer for defeating a lost sector boss. I hope there's more secret stuff like that to follow.
  10. One of the scripts had it that the kid did make the ship crash. This movie has gone through so many rewrites that I think it's being made up on a whim.
  11. This is Hollyweird where everything like SJW propaganda , Pro Pedo and racist views are acceptable.
  12. Heh, raids were never the meat of this game. So few ever play them and even less finish them because they can require too much time to commit to them and they don't feature matchmaking options. Games like Warframe and The Divison can do it why can't Bungie!? And strikes other than the Nightfall(which can sometimes be solo'd if you're crazy enough) have matchmaking for solo players like myself. Nah, the meat of Destiny is a combination of everything it has to offer: quests, patrol, activities, strikes, pvp, item collection, and dress up.
  13. There is a kid in this. The reason that Predator ship crashed is because the kid was playing around with other Predator tech his daddy sent him and accidentally caused it to crash by remote control.
  14. It looks ok but I already have a copy of Destiny so I think I'm good.
  15. I'll probably play some more Battle Chasers. This game is fucking incredible.
  16. Excuse me but we prefer to be called "mortally challenged". Thank you.
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