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  1. Bungie advertized a F2P game hoping no one would notice. At one point there were 200,000 players logged in on PC alone. Servers crashed.
  2. First mission was okay I guess but I was distracted by the contacting server message every 5 seconds. Now most players can't get on and are stuck in queues upwards of #23,000 plus. Bungie Bungled this launch.
  3. Yeah something like that. Capture command points while hilding off waves of enemies. So far it's Clone Wars era, other eras may come later.
  4. Speaking of Star Wars games, Battlefront 2 now has 4 player co-op PVE and single player offline Instant Action. I need to try it.
  5. An IW director Taylor Kurosaki confirms that Survival mode is timed exclusive to PS4 for a year but tried to downplay it by saying Survival is just 1% of the game.
  6. Another Life - Netflix Original Series 10 episodes of "Glee In Space". If you thought some of the crew of the Prometheus were idiots imagine a entire crew full emotionally unstable morons, including the ships computer, tasked to save the world. 0/10
  7. Most of the cutscenes are in 1st person but the bigger cinematic scenes will be in 3rd. You will also see your character in mirrors, in the inventory menu and if you choose to view your bike in 3rd person while driving around. Nothing really has changed or has been removed. All the previewd 3rd person cutscenes likely still exist it's just they pale in quantity next to the 1st person scenes.
  8. The entire show was the funniest comedy bit I've heard in years. Pure and unfiltered. It reminded me of the old days when being offended wasn't a lucrative career.
  9. I watched Star Wars The Last Jedi again. It keeps getting better after repeat viewings. 8/10
  10. Even more a shame that each episode will be released weekly instead of all at once. Still looks to be worth subscribing.
  11. First episode is amazing. It's very faithful to the look of the 1982 film, which is also on Netflix. Fantastic puppetry melded with seamless CGI.
  12. I think Rey is the result of the force creating another chosen one after Kylo caused imbalance. The double bladed lightsaber could be a weapon Rey picked up from a defeated Knight of Ren. I believe them when they say the Emperor was always going to be a part of these sequels. There's TFA concept art showing underwater exporation of the Deathstar throne room. Who knows for sure. These leaks sound dumb and made up for clicks. I'm looking forward to this film and I'm confident I'll enjoy it as much as I did with 7 and 8.
  13. When has the NBA 2K series not had the card collecting and mini game features? As far as I can remember this stuff has been in the series for years. The only thing you can purchase with real money are extra card packs, though you can earn currency in game as well. The game doesn't allow you to purchase currency for the casino games like the youtubers are making it seem.
  14. The host of the Episode 9 panel today at Celebration was Stephen Colbert and he said, "Star Wars fans are the best fans". Then they showed the trailer twice and right after the first showing the spotlight beamed down at Ian McDiarmid standing there on stage. This is going to be good.
  15. I love my name but if I wanted to change it I'd just make a new account, which is free and I can(and I have) do it as much as I want.
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