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  1. I think they worked this out as a compromise to keep things moving. This is the thing that happened in 2000--a bunch of House Dems objected but no Senators ever did. I remember it from the beginning of Fahrenheit 9/11. Michael Moore treated it as like, "If only one Senator spoke up, we could have been rid of Bush!" but I think it was a compromise worked out ahead of time in that case too.
  2. Oh okay. Senator's withdrawing their names from the objection so it doesn't count. Huge applause.
  3. They're running through states again in the joint session and nobody has objected to a Biden state yet, but they haven't gotten to any swing states.
  4. I mean, maybe, but in that case, I dunno, we might just be fucked. Because just hoping this all goes away isn't working right now either.
  5. I gotta say again what I said a few pages back--I don't think I've heard the term QAnon said on TV at all today. We need to actually understand and confront the actual problem. A lot of the protesters there earnestly believed they were going to do a citizen's arrest on a giant cabal of pedos because they're in a cult.
  6. I Lived Through A Stupid Coup. America Is Having One Now | by Indi Samarajiva | Nov, 2020 | Medium INDICA.MEDIUM.COM You’ve already lost. This is what Americans need to understand People who've actually lived through coups had this shit figured out early. More people should listen next time.
  7. Shitload of House Republicans still voting Yes to rejecting Arizona. This fever ain't breaking any time soon.
  8. The guy who got conned by Borat and a failed SEC coach are conspiring to do a coup for a game show host. What the fuck are we doing here, what even is this.
  9. Thank you, Big Oil. Maybe we can discuss preventing the ecosystem from being destroyed at a later date.
  10. They've actually done studies where the disparity in black vs. white people getting stopped for traffic violations is different during the day than at night, right?
  11. He was making that "joke" at his rallies "maybe I'll stay for 4 more years, maybe 8, maybe 12!" long before he got the 'rona. We were always headed here.
  12. Yep. Spat out a word salad about how PA passed a brand new law to allow mail-in balloting in this year, because, you know, there was a pandemic. I guess this is just supposed to be suspicious on its face, I dunno
  13. Romney sitting right behind Hawley as he speaks and he's making it sound like he's still going ahead with this objections
  14. They could just pick a different Senator, right? There was a weird thing earlier in the week where Grassley tweeted that he was going to do the count and then backed off of it like 5 minutes later
  15. Something that'd be really disturbing to see would be those poll numbers for just current police officers.
  16. More seriously, I basically don't watch TV news at all anymore, but I've watched like 6 hours of ABC and NBC today, and I've heard a bunch of vague references to "divisions within the country," but I'm not sure if I've heard the term QAnon mentioned once, and it just feels like so many people in prominent positions still don't really grasp the actual nature of the problem
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