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  1. Ever since the details of the infrastructure bill details were rolled out with the $80M for Amtrak, I've seen a bunch of, "Why do leftists keep wanting trains to happen, when we have planes already?! They can just put carbon offsets in the price of the plane tickets," and not just from conservatives. Meanwhile, France is like, "STFU and get in the goddamn train"
  2. Big congrats to Elon Musk for inventing a taxi cab stand, but with the lighting from a gaming PC case fan for some reason. The final product is honestly way worse than I thought it was going to be. I thought they'd at least be able to automate the cars going through the tunnel, but apparently it's just human drivers now?? Going 35 MPH??
  3. This is fairly compelling evidence that Trump has spent the last three months wandering aimlessly around Mar-a-Lago wearing precisely one outfit What exactly is Trump doing at Mar-a-Lago all day? - Trashberg WWW.TRASHBERG.COM Fortunately for us, the club's members are giving the man most of what he needs.
  4. ‘Silent crash’ as price floors collapse across NFT space COINTELEGRAPH.COM Healthy pullback or major correction on the horizon? Problem is, with NFTs, it can often be hard to tell Looks like this shit may have already peaked.
  5. Right. Even if there's a 0.0% change in 2024 turnout in GA, it will have solidified in some people's minds that some sort of fraud occurred in 2020 that they had to respond to, which increases the chances of another January 6th type incident in the near future.
  6. Oh for sure. There are going to be a bunch more deaths that were completely unnecessary.
  7. The people who are going to get very performatively upset over this were already getting performatively upset over anthem protests & having to watch minute-long vignettes about Black Lives Matter before games start. Just yesterday I saw some National Review guy attribute the continued decline in sports ratings to "inserting politics into the game." So I imagine this was ultimately just a risk-reward calculation where they decided the people who'd get mad were already mad, while meanwhile it's easy enough to be sure that most of the country does not actually support shit like, "don't give o
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