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  1. I will say that that does helpfully point out people you should avoid getting close to if you're not anti-vax but aren't fully vaccinated yet.
  2. I notice that the "woke corporations" who had the GOP so riled up after the Georgia law don't really have all that much to say about these Intentionally Hit BLM Protestors with Your Car laws.
  3. I don't think there's a chance in hell this is real, but Biden and Yellen would absolutely leap up to legendary status for me if it was real. Do it for the gamers, Joe. They need their GPUs.
  4. Yeah, I think he's probably doing a bit now after the reaction he got last night, but I dunno, maybe he's just fully Jokerfied
  5. Chicago's annual budget is like $11 billion, and they've paid out like $500 million just in police misconduct settlements over the past 10 years.
  6. Sounds like the right is on board with defunding the police Also, this mf wrote "en masses"
  7. In the case of Tesla, I think the biggest problem is calling this feature "Autopilot", which has a very specific established meaning in people's minds which is, "the thing pilots itself." Call it literally anything else besides Autopilot. Also, there was that time Elon Musk went on 60 Minutes and took his hands off the wheel--the exact thing that you're not actually supposed to do.
  8. Maybe you thought "anglo-saxon tradition" was some white nationalist shit, but fear not, it's merely referring to the tradition of Vemoing payments to teenagers for sex
  9. If they're able to they're gonna actually steal the election for real in 2024 for the simple reason that it's what their voting base is demanding of them.
  10. The cops have completed 100 additional hours on the child shooting range and are ready to once again protect and serve the public
  11. Seems like this is the crux of the problem right here. Cops aren't deviating from their training, it's just that the training they get is not actually based around the preservation of human life.
  12. Opinion | History will cast a shadow over Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan - The Washington Post WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM Biden must pray that the troops he is bringing home will never have to go back. There's absolutely nothing in this op-ed explaining what better conditions to leave under would look like, how we would get to those conditions, or how much longer it would take. It's just like a dozen paragraphs to write, "Yeah, but what if it's bad though"
  13. I dunno how many people are going to die as a direct result of this airing, but it's a number greater then zero.
  14. The rules of quidditch bothered me more than anything else in the books. I was willing to accept at face value whatever kind of magical deus ex machinas Rowling threw in there, because, whatever, that's just the kind of stories they are. But that sport is dumb as hell.
  15. That would make sense. If you're gonna lay down a marker that short airline travel shouldn't be a thing anymore, you might as well go all the way with it.
  16. This thread has the most detail I've seen about the complete lack of precedent for these shadow docket rulings they're doing. And uh, it'll make you mad.
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