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  1. It's galling that every major ISP lifted their data caps at the start of COVID "as a courtesy", and then brought them all back again a couple of months later, as if they hadn't just proven that data caps had no legitimate purpose by lifting them at the exact time when there would be an all-time spike in home internet usage.
  2. Super Metroid SotN Hollow Knight Axiom Verge Then maybe one of the handheld Iga-Vania's, like Dawn of Sorrow I played Bloodstained within the last couple of months. I liked it quite a bit, but other than looking modern graphically, there wasn't necessarily anything about it made me prefer it to the older Iga-Vania games
  3. Well, there you have it. He did not *travel* with the 17-year old. The one and only thing that was in question here.
  4. It maybe raises some new questions about Barr suddenly deciding it was quittin' time with a month to go
  5. If this is one of the nuclear codes, it was nice posting with everybody here
  6. Proud to represent the great state of South Carolina, where there will be a complete breakdown in civil order as soon as the next hurricane hits.
  7. Yeah the joke is that they would immediately block it off again
  8. The press bitched for like a month that he hadn't done a formal press conference and then asked zero questions about COVID at this one, despite the fact that cases are going back up again. Fuck outta here.
  9. I don't remember if we have a dedicated thread for "state GOP attempts to rig the next election", so I'm gonna post this year. Georgia just passed their election overhaul bill, which includes a provision "allowing state takeovers of local elections." And it case it was too subtle what this legislation was actually about, some white cops forcibly dragged away a black congresswoman while it was being signed
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if they actually roll out something in like 3 months, but they cut every conceivable corner possible and then the entire site gets compromised because somebody makes their username SELECT * FROM Passwords; or something.
  11. lol, this promo artwork rules. Like, they took the basic template from a Tom Clancy book cover but threw some strippers in.
  12. Loyola & Illinois being done dirty by being matched up in the 2nd round. Neither of these teams deserves to lose on the opening weekend. Loyola should've been like a 5 seed.
  13. I guess I'm assuming that the most you're susceptible to that stuff is before you've heard anyone you know being vaccinated and there's diminishing returns on what anti-vaxxers try and claim as you see more and more people get it and turn out fine.
  14. If they're leading with "I'm gonna wait and see" and not "don't know it's full of microchips?!", I imagine they'll come around at some point.
  15. Kent Taylor, Texas Roadhouse founder and CEO, dies at 65 WWW.CNN.COM Texas Roadhouse founder and CEO Kent Taylor died Thursday, according to a post on the restaurant chain's Facebook page. He was 65. Wow, I hadn't even heard of tinnitus as a COVID symptom
  16. We were so collectively dumb as a society then lol* *we still are now, but you know what I'm trying to say
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