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  1. Which raises questions about how serious the injuries are for some of the other injured officers which as far as I know there have been absolutely no updates about from the government.
  2. I think this is probably our best hope for the short term--the brands determine that a fascist takeover is too disruptive to business
  3. The reason they're trying to making "unity and healing" stick as the narrative is that there's nothing else they can possibly say that isn't insane on its face or that reveals how complicit they were in the run-up to this
  4. It really seems like the chain of command totally broke down on Wednesday, and the plan is just to sweat out the next 10 days and hope nobody asks too many questions about it
  5. Thinking about this a lot, specifically in the context of whether anyone is doing anything to make sure there will be a proper response if this happens again between now and the 20th
  6. Know what else might hamper an incoming Biden administration? Uhh, a burgeoning fascist movement.
  7. lol I didn't even realize that was the game theory guy. That was RTed by somebody else.
  8. This is basically now the standard line from Republicans against impeachment, and I've seen multiple people today point out, correctly, that it's basically the exact language that domestic abusers use. "Just don't provoke me and I won't have to do it again."
  9. May this trend continue Some Florida Republicans changing voter registrations in aftermath of Trump supporters’ rampage through Capitol WWW.SUN-SENTINEL.COM The temporary takeover of the Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump may be prompting some South Florida voters to leave the Republican Party.
  10. Looks like they're gonna see if this is good enough for Apple
  11. I think it's possible, but it's not written in the stars. I think what happens in the aftermath of this matters a lot. Trump actually being charged with a crime--ANY of his crimes, which are obvious and numerous at this point--would make me feel a lot better.
  12. I see a lot of leftists on Twitter basically already accepting it as fate that this is going to be an exact repeat of 2008-2010, and that a GOP resurgence is inevitable. And when you look at how much gerrymandering and population distribution favors Republicans, and how tenuous the congressional majorities are, it's easy to feel that way. But the fact that Biden was up at the podium yesterday saying, correctly, that because interest rates on debt are so low that they can continue to deficit spend to address the crisis is seemingly a signal that at there are at least some voices around Biden wh
  13. The fact that a lot of the people in the capital were age 50+ is one thing that's keeping me from being completely despondent about the future. I think that generation was completely brain-poisoned by decades of right-wing propaganda, and that at, in spite of all the awful shit there is online, young people by and large haven't been dosed with it in the same way.
  14. People are still serving a wannabe dictator in part because of our lack of universal health-care Senior Trump Official: We Were Wrong, He’s a ‘Fascist’ NYMAG.COM “The legacy of the Trump administration is going to be that the president sparked an insurrection and people died.”
  15. The best part about this is that the right is going to talk this up like it's one of Stalin's purges, but most normal John Q. Publics are absolutely not spending all day on Twitter and absolutely are not gonna care about this at all.
  16. I have no idea who it's run by, but it's the same account that said they were going to block every account with anime avatars like a week ago.
  17. Trump may systematically get all of MAGA America suspended from Twitter through trying to borrow people's accounts one by one. Incredible.
  18. It's become clear in recent days that Arizona Republicans are the most brain-poisoned party at the state level. I thought it was Wisconsin, but apparently not.
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