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  1. They could just pick a different Senator, right? There was a weird thing earlier in the week where Grassley tweeted that he was going to do the count and then backed off of it like 5 minutes later
  2. Something that'd be really disturbing to see would be those poll numbers for just current police officers.
  3. More seriously, I basically don't watch TV news at all anymore, but I've watched like 6 hours of ABC and NBC today, and I've heard a bunch of vague references to "divisions within the country," but I'm not sure if I've heard the term QAnon mentioned once, and it just feels like so many people in prominent positions still don't really grasp the actual nature of the problem
  4. If he avoids a recount, hopefully he gets seated relatively quickly, although I'm sure they'll invent some pretext to delay it, like what happened in Pennsylvania today.
  5. Man, we're not gonna get a utopian society out of this, but there's so many things like this that it does solve.
  6. Don't panic about this CNN thing that's out there saying that there may be fewer DeKalb votes
  7. Meanwhile, as the GOP loses hold on the Senate, Trump has put out a statement declaring that, contrary to reports, he is NOT OWNED, and dated it as "January 5, 2020"
  8. Also, "the last election was rigged and nothing has changed but vote in the next election anyway" is maybe not a great message for turnout
  9. I think they're just using Trump's numbers as a baseline since there were other candidates in the Senate race in November so it's messier to use those to compare.
  10. If they pull this off, that's a tomorrow problem. Mitch will still be fuckin' miserable and I can still enjoy it.
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