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  1. How many judges currently serving on the bench have exactly the same kind of Terminal Online Brain that the average Reddit/TheDonald poster does?
  2. Reading up on it afterwards after seeing it, it sounds like (important spoiler) And the thing is... I don't at all hate that they ran with that version of the events for purposes of the story. I think the fact that you can take a disputed piece of history and be able to get a movie greenlit of the most anti-cop, anti-fed possible version of the story is kind of progress in and of itself.
  3. Never has his posture been so normal. More and more people are saying this.
  4. Dave Weigel pointed out on Twitter a day or two ago that by this time in 2009, the earliest stages of the Tea Party were already forming. It really seems like comparatively, the right has absolutely nothing going right now. Maybe it's just that they don't have a black guy to villainize this time, I dunno
  5. Believe me, I know. I just bought everything for a new PC build except a GPU
  6. Just in the last couple of days was the first time I'd actually seen pictures of what some of these giant crypto mining facilities look like. I'd read descriptions of them, but it didn't quite get that it was on THIS scale. Absolutely raze all of this shit to the ground ASAP.
  7. It's a *100%* scientific fact, Jason. That's the most number of percents it can be. Who are you to argue with that.
  8. It is wild to think about all the stuff that had to go exactly right to get here. I'd say that this bill also would not have happened were it not for Trump continuing to bitch about Dominion machines or whatever into January and suppressing his own party's turnout.
  9. They've been saying that Florida has the highest concentration of B117 cases, and watching Florida's numbers lately, they've been kind of flat, but haven't turned around and started increasing. I'm hoping that a resurgence is not inevitable, but who knows. Florida Coronavirus: 1,936,207 Cases and 31,523 Deaths (COVID-19 ) - Worldometer WWW.WORLDOMETERS.INFO Florida COVID-19 Coronavirus update by county with statistics and graphs: total and new cases, deaths per day, current active cases, recoveries, historical data, trends, projections, and timeline.
  10. Just the absolute dumbest shit imaginable. Imagine ever uninronically calling this the "world's greatest deliberative body"
  11. I'm gonna go read The Cat in the Hat! And I dare you shitlibs to try and stop me!
  12. Ron DeSantis is the one true heir to the MAGA throne. Just a completely amoral shithead.
  13. The old Onion "No Way to Prevent This..."" headline should be amended to, "One Way to Prevent This: Constantly Have an Ongoing Viral Pandemic"
  14. Gotta love the classic Trump bit where he adds "That's true" after the stuff he reads off the teleprompter because he's clearly reading it for the first time and is just agreeing with whoever wrote it.
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