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  1. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO He couldn't not post for 2 hours
  2. Seems like this is now a coordinated effort by tech sites to get rid of as much right-wing brain poison as they can. Better late than never, I guess!
  3. Trump's true base was never economically disadvantaged people. It was wealthy white dopes with too much time on their hands.
  4. I gotta say, Kimberly Guilfoyle being pardoned but not Don Jr. would be EXTREMELY funny
  5. Impeach him anyway then before he backtracks like he does every time
  6. Thank you Betsy for doing the absolute bare minimum after 4 years of trying to destroy public education or whatever
  7. Found out that my uncle who had last I'd checked had a relatively mild case is going to stay in the hospital at least overnight tonight after his oxygen level was low.
  8. Entire Republican party and right-wing media apparatus right now
  9. I gotta say, "Trump is going to bring back the Articles of Confederation" (I guess that's what they mean?!) is a new one for me
  10. I can't get over that he told the crowd that he was going to walk to the capital with them, immediately got into his motorcade and rode back to the White House, and they still did it in his name anyway
  11. Probably called up Jack directly and begged for his account back in exchange for making that video
  12. Pritzker's been a lot better so far than I thought he was going to be. Mostly has his shit together on COVID.
  13. Makes you wonder what conversations he's had in the last couple of hours
  14. Yeah, I remember reading that one too. People who have lived in other countries knew. We need to stop pretending there's such a thing as "American exceptionalism"
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