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NFL Week 3 - The Road to Increasing Josh Allen's Madden Rating Begins This Week


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The fighting' BoB's are 0-3. Normally, fans would probably be sad about that...but losing lots of games may be the only thing to get Texans fans away from this nightmare of a human being.

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5 hours ago, BuckFly said:

Elbobo, you are so damn right.


two terrible calls.  



taking back what I said earlier.  The pass interference call at the end of the game wasn’t that bad.  I rewatched it and the dB had a hold of Davis as much as 8 yards from the line of scrimmage,

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10 hours ago, sblfilms said:

Is that an illegal move? Because it seems like it should!


9 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:


It's only legal if you can get away with it.



sb, I am sorry if I am wrong, I believe I saw that he is getting fined, but not suspended or any other punitive action against him so...yeah, kind of frowned upon.


My friend, if I can just step up on the soap box for a minute:  so many claimed the early death of football due to the change in tackling rules...I was not one of them.  If it meant greater safety for these young men in the age of CTE and just general health I was fine with it, didn't think it would hurt the quality of play, and think they should go even further.


Is today's game any worse than it was 3 years ago?  OK, maybe they still have to tweak kickoffs or onside kicks (receiving team, sorry, but you need to wait for the ball to go 10 yards, too), but I love this game and it makes me uncomfortable sometimes enjoying so much and seeing some of the abuse these guys take.  If they need to fine some of these guys until it hurts them, well...fine then.


Side note, Keyser watches the Wiggles with no children around and sings the songs, word for word, too (just seeing if he is still lurking around in the week 3 thread).

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10 minutes ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

@BuckFly I put a small bet on Allen winning MVP. Still won’t watch Buffalo play though. 



I hear ya, Manny.  However, please make it a very small bet...my goodness as good as I always though Russell was how in the world can he be better than he has ever been...I mean, seriously!  


I know he wouldn't be the same RW in what was an F'd up Bills organization for so many years, but when the Bills moved up in the third round I thought for sure it was to get WIlson, who I and many others wanted there in the third round to eventually take over for Fitz.


...TJ Graham...they moved up to get TJ Graham...his last year in the league was 2015...

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3 hours ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

@BuckFly oh it’s small but if Allen can outplay Wilson when they meet and Bills have best record in the AFC, it’s possible. 



Cam looks great.  i would take this year's New England team over last team that got to 8 or 9 and 0.  


Man-o-man...Bills and Pats, Steelers and Ravens, battling for their divisions.  Meanwhile I am not sure if the Titans are going to hang on over the Colts, and then the world champions in the West, with the Raiders playing great ball.


Throw in the Browns and there are 9 teams going after 7 spots.  


...I don't know why I though it was going to be easier than this before the season...because it most assuredly isn't.  

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