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Taika Waititi to write, direct, and produce a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory series for Netflix

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Waititi is one a select group of people like Lord and Miller that manages to make things that should be bad pretty good. This doesn't seem like it has any reason to exist, but he certainly has the sensibility to make it work, if anyone can.


Waititi is so good at directing children that I'm kinda disappointed that this isn't live action, but I'm guessing this is a side project for him.


According to IMDB he directed a movie about the American Samoa soccer team called Next Goal Wins (with Elisabeth Moss, Michael Fassbender, and Armie Hammer) for Fox Searchlight, He directed the Pilot of a Time Bandits TV series for Apple TV, has announced he'll work on Flash Gordon, the follow up to What We Do in the Shadows, We're Wolves, and possibly a Star Wars movie.


All this before he won an Oscar. I'd never have expected that Waititi would become such a hot property in Hollywood, but it couldn't happen to a better dude.

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9 hours ago, Ghost_MH said:

I'm still going to be sad that he isn't working on Akira. I think he could have had some real fun with an over the top live action adaptation.


I agree - since the movie will inevitably happen I'd want a manga/anime fan like Waititi to do it who respects the material and can make it good. Not sure why he's delaying it even further for himself; last he said anything on the subject he said he'd likely do it but wasn't sure due to scheduling. But then he adds this?

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