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Internal Boeing documents show employees discussing efforts to manipulate regulators scrutinizing the 737 Max

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“I still haven’t been forgiven by God for the covering up I did last year,” one of the employees says in messages from 2018, apparently in reference to interactions with the regulator.



“Would you put your family on a Max simulator trained aircraft? I wouldn’t,” one employee said to a colleague in another exchange. “No,” the colleague responded.


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1 hour ago, CitizenVectron said:

Wow, directly mentioned bribes (brown envelopes) in internal emails.


The company should go under for this. This isn't just about money, it involves people's lives.


I think I can support that.


Ignoring concerns from your engineers is bad enough anywhere, but doing so in such a safety critical sector cannot be allowed.

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Clearly they know right from wrong, so the logical conclusion is that it's exactly the kind of company we should let regulate themselves.


Of course the reality is that Boeing is too big to fail. They're too far integrated into the US government, and they have no real competition in the states. They'll get some slap on the wrist, maybe a few more execs will get pushed out with golden parachutes, and things will continue on as usual. 

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19 hours ago, Jason said:

My variation is nationalization and guillotines.


9 hours ago, thewhyteboar said:

Alternate plan: Nationalize the company and execute the entire executive and board.


39 minutes ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

He should have a hot rivet fired at him for every dollar of that $62million he keeps. 

Those all work for me as well.

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Shut the whole fucking thing down: Boeing Mocked Lion Air Calls for More 737 Max Training Before Crash



Boeing employees had expressed alarm among themselves over the possibility that one of the company’s largest customers might require its pilots to undergo costly simulator training before flying the new 737 model, according to internal messages that have been released to the media. Those messages, included in the more than 100 pages of internal Boeing communications that the company provided to lawmakers and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and released widely on Thursday, had Lion Air’s name redacted.


But the the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee provided excerpts of those messages to Bloomberg News that un-redacted the Indonesian carrier’s name.


“Now friggin Lion Air might need a sim to fly the MAX, and maybe because of their own stupidity. I’m scrambling trying to figure out how to unscrew this now! idiots,” one Boeing employee wrote in June 2017 text messages obtained by the company and released by the House committee.


In response, a Boeing colleague replied: “WHAT THE F%$&!!!! But their sister airline is already flying it!” That was an apparent reference to Malindo Air, the Malaysian-based carrier that was the first to fly the Max commercially.


Doing simulator training would have undercut a critical selling point of the jet: that airlines would be able to allow crews trained on an older 737 version to fly the Max after just a brief computer course.


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