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Anyone know if there's a place that can tell me the lowest price of a new Ultra HD Blu-Ray (Toy Story 4 related)

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Toy Story 4 releases October 8th (Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital). It's available digitally now, but I like having both copies the rare time I purchase a movie.


I want to get an Ultra HD copy since next-gen consoles are arriving soon and will be able to play this, but sheesh, the price is $30! I can save 4 cents on Amazon. >__>


I figure there may be codes/coupons available, or sales that I don't know of perhaps? Help would be great. :) 

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I was going to say IF you can wait for your Black Friday, the deals should be great for you then. I’m still into the 3D movies and am waiting on my 3D Steelbook from Zavvi. I have a semi local store that sales used and  “used” movies for dirt cheap. I’m pretty sure a lot “fell off a truck” but I wasn’t complaining when I got them brand new/still sealed 4K movies for $10Cnd. Haven’t been getting anything in lately but the past year I was making out like a bandit. Hoping for that flow of movies to pick up again soon

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11 minutes ago, SaysWho? said:

Thanks, all! While I'd love it next week, waiting until Black Friday seems to be the ticket. I don't mind second-hand discs, but for this, I'd like a digital copy as well, so new copy down the line, it will be. :) 


You could probably get a digital copy for around $10 and a physical copy for around $10 via eBay if you don’t want to wait. Some people buy the physical only wanting the digital code and sell the disc(s) to recoup money, others want just the physical UHD and sell the digital + SD + HD discs to recoup money. It’s interesting to say the least, and, IMO, shows that if these companies sold ala cart for $15 or so (instead of bundles) they’d probably make more money overall :p 

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Well, you can save a whole $8 for your waiting!




Looks like Best Buy will have 4k Toy Story for $22.  Fucking Disney is upcharging for their movies across the board compared to previous years.  I got Infinity War in 4k for $15 last year, and less than that were 4k versions of Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Ant-Man & The Wasp.  Meanwhile other studios are maintaining reasonable prices.

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