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Negative Atmosphere (Dead Space-inspired survival horror game) – Gameplay Trailer and Devlog


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Experience a desperate fight for survival in Negative Atmosphere, a 3rd person survival horror set aboard the gargantuan space faring vessel the Rusanov. A mysterious epidemic has overwhelmed the ship and transformed the confines into a nightmarish hell-scape, its cause unknown. 


Among the victims of the plague, including the ship's malfunctioning and afflicted artificial intelligence's is a doctor by the name of Samuel Edwards. Edwards is one of few survivors of the tragedy; an ex Canadian Space Pioneers regimental medic with a grim past of campaign service. You will need to navigate through an increasingly hostile and desolate ship environment where resources are scarce, ammo is limited and the only way to heal yourself is with your own two hands- so don't lose them!


Your survival is... unlikely.


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Getting tired of the crying wolf in these threads.  Let's get educated for a change.


You can't sue on the basis of a genre or theme (idea), such as scifi horror shooter in spacestation.  Copyright infringement would either come from main character and space monsters being nigh identical, or the mechanics of the game sticking uncannily close in just about everything.

I already don't see it.

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On 9/4/2019 at 5:16 PM, Xbob42 said:

My interest went from 110 to 0 as soon as I saw that they have a Patreon going so that they can build a vertical slice demo that they can put on Kickstarter so that they can build a 7ish hour long game.


See you in 8 years.

Just wanted to quote you because you're right on the money. Here we are two years later and their "Gameplay Trailer" cuts away whenever the protag isn't slow-walking through an ominous corridor. It even cuts away when there's the ultra-generic Dead Space knockoff enemy. 

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