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I’m okay


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I just want everyone to know that I’m okay. I had several people reach out to me and it means a lot to know that people still care about me. I often feel like I’m not wanted anymore. But I’m fighting and it’s good to know people care enough about me to see that I continue to fight.


I know my behavior on here hasn’t been the best recently and I’m trying to work on myself. I’m ashamed by how I acted but I know beating myself up over it will just make it worse. It’s just that I become overwhelmed sometimes. I apologize to those I’ve attacked personally like @skillzdadirecta and @SFLUFAN. I know you are good people and I don’t hate either of you. I just get in fits of emotions and when I do the world around me spins and nothing makes sense. I tend to slip in  and out of clarity.


Again I’m deeply moved by those who reached out to me. You helped calm down from potentially harming myself. And you helped keep me from relapsing so that I can be sober another day.


My life is too complicated and tied to my current city, but my short term goal is to move out my current living situation because I know that will change things a lot. I know it will get better. It just gets too easy to lose hope at times.

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4 minutes ago, SFLUFAN said:

No worries on my end and the offer I asked @SaysWho? to convey to you is very much on the table.


I was deeply touched when he told me and felt bad for what I sad to you. Thank you for accepting my appoligy. I will PM you later to discuss your offer, but I’m very much interested. You’re too kind.

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5 minutes ago, Chris- said:

It’s not worth much, but I’ve always valued your contributions on this board; I was sad when you left and happy when I realized you came back (it took me awhile to figure out lol). I hope things get better and that you continue to feel welcome here. 


It means more than you think it does. Thank you, Chris.

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