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Rocksteady confirms


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1 hour ago, GameDadGrant said:

I want it to be a TMNT game.


I’ll probably be disappointed.


I'd take a TMNT game with an actual deep combat system over a Superman any day. 


I just wish TMNT would pick an identity and stick with it. This re-branding, re-booting of the franchise every four or five years is bullshit.

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As long as it is taking to even announce makes me think it could be a Superman  game, and they are still struggling with the very thing every other dev has failed at. Actually making Superman playable and the gameplay engaging for a character that is near invincible. 


The Batman games have given them quite a bit of trust and faith. They better not deliver Superman 64/Superman Returns. 


I guess the wait continues...

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I just want something as tight as their Batman games. I just ran thru the Arkham trilogy over the past month and just finished the new game plus mode for Arkham Knight. While I would love Turtles, Justice League, and Wonder Woman, I hope it's Susperman. Makes me think they want to ensure everything is super tight when they finally reveal what it is they are working on. 


Want to note I earned my 7th platinum trophy with this completion of Arkham Knight. Fun but I won't look forward to a new game plus mode anytime soon, lol.

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