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Overhyped Indie Games


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It's good that a "balance update" is being featured, because my time with the game pre-balance was miserable.

In any case, the design doesn't really work IMO.  Oregon Trail was fun because of how quickly you could start over a poor run.  Spreading that design out over a campaign-sized game was a bad idea, and made worse by the choose-your-own-adventure style twists that resulted in dead party members and a starving caravan.  The plot or combat couldn't carry it either.


Bosses can be killed in one shot, with your one arrow, which you have to retrieve if you miss.  That's the game.

I'm glad someone tried it.  Even if the combat appealed more to the masochist in me, the game does suffer from being a boss gauntlet.  It would have been much better if it had some kind of padding, which would have helped familiarize you with the controls and mechanics.


I love everything about the controls in Dustforce.  It's got plenty of style as well.  But once the fresh and cool factor wears off, it's a pretty hollow experience.  Why not give me something to dodge?  To bop on the head?  To run from?  The minimalist approach doesn't quite pay off.  Playing Celeste recently reinforced to me how much Dustforce left on the table.

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I don't remember a lot of Titan Souls hype, but it was essentially a 2D attempt at Shadow of the Colossus, done a bit differently since some bosses could be killed in one hit if you found the weak point. I liked the idea a lot, tbh, but I wasn't enamored with it. Still, it makes it easy on you if you lose, so it wasn't too bad dying to some of the bosses.

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12 minutes ago, Paperclyp said:


I can get behind Celeste tho. Good, not great.



I haven't finished yet, so I can't judge it completely.  It's a lot more clever of a game than most of the 'hard' platformers out there.  Both in mechanics and puzzles.  I also might like it better than Shovel Knight, if that means anything.


But overrated? Probably.  It's mostly the 10/10 from IGN that propelled it to that status.


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If that hadn't come out during the first wave of the indie movement, it would have been a pretty forgettable title.


Ori and the Blind Forest.


Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but some people claim it's better than Super Metroid and SotN. I found all of the environments to be too similar, the story and lore were uninteresting, and the core action was ok. I really enjoyed the platforming though.

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