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NFL Week 4 - Do Two Terrible Teams Make an Enjoyable Game?


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Thursday, September 28
Matchup             Time (PT) TV
spacer.png Detroit at spacer.png Green Bay 5:15 PM     Prime Video
Sunday, October 1
Matchup Time (PT)     TV
spacer.png Atlanta at spacer.png Jacksonville 6:30 AM      ESPN+
spacer.png Miami at spacer.png Buffalo 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Denver at spacer.png Chicago 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Baltimore at spacer.png Cleveland 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Cincinnati at spacer.png Tennessee 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png LA Rams at spacer.png Indianapolis 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Tampa Bay at spacer.png New Orleans 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Washington at spacer.png Philadelphia 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Minnesota at spacer.png Carolina 10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Pittsburgh at spacer.png Houston 10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Las Vegas at spacer.png LA Chargers 1:05 PM CBS
spacer.png New England at spacer.png Dallas 1:25 PM FOX
spacer.png Arizona at spacer.png San Francisco 1:25 PM FOX
spacer.png Kansas City atspacer.png NY Jets 5:20 PM NBC
Monday, October 2
Matchup              Time (PT)     TV
spacer.png Seattle at spacer.png NY Giants 5:15 PM       ESPN


The thread title is referring to the game between the Broncos and the Bears of course. Broncos lost by 50 to Miami and Chicago lost by 31 to KC. So when the two teams face each other will it be an epic disaster?


However, the actual game to watch this week is probably Miami at Buffalo.

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57 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Robinson is the only player on this team, everyone else is garbage. They need to get him in wildcat or something because they aren't doing anything with Riddler under center. I feel sorry for @Biggie hit the snooze button.

Our coach is supposedly an offensive genius. The play calling is straight garbage along with that wasted draft pick of the so called generational tight end Kyle Pitts. That guy ain’t even mid. 

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