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College Football 2023 - Life In the Post Stetson Era

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5 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

That got ugly fast. In any case, whoever came up with those odds was on crack.


Cool seeing the 3rd string QB is Brock Purdy's brother though. :p

defense was cooked by the end. Vegas is going to get destroyed this week overall unless everyone shits the bed on nfl betting. I don’t place a ton of bets but I work some in iowa and I almost drove across the border to put like 50 bucks on Colorado to cover.

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1 hour ago, b_m_b_m_b_m said:

lol bama

I really think that college football is entering a new era of more balanced level of competition. With the NIL and transfer portal colleges can build a team very quickly with quality skill players. It’s great for college football. 

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Worked today but Ole Miss vs Bama is amuch closer game than the 10-24 appears. Ole Miss was leading at the half.


Bama seems to be struggling in comparison to what they normally do. Considering what they've done since 08 (first time getting to the championship under Saban, not winning that year of course), I guess not every year can be a stellar team.


Then again, sometimes Bama starts shitty and ends great.

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