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3 minutes ago, stepee said:

I feel like we are dead set on a recession and it doesn’t matter at this point we will damn well will it into existence if we can.


I think so too. Alot of people at my job looking to cancel, downgrade, and declining upgrades. 

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4 minutes ago, osxmatt said:

I got an out-of-cycle 10% raise at work yesterday, so I'm pretty stoked on that. 


Have my 10 year review coming up in September too.


My union extended our contract. We get like a 4% raise next year and WFH is perminant.


I want to run the numbers to make sure it's actually a raise but laziness.

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My employer (school division funded by taxes) has a salary grid with concrete steps, so we can't really get special raises. However, our department is overdue for a salary review, so hopefully we get that next year. This month I get my annual 3.6% raise as part of the grid, and in September I will also get a 2.0% raise as part of the teacher contract (division matches the teachers union for us in IT). So overall that's a compounded 5.7% raise this year, which at least roughly covers inflation. The only reason I'm not too upset is my 33% raise from two years ago moving into this position, and that my positions massively overpays for the work responsible.

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