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Jack Ryan is (finally) out today - Discussion Thread


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12 hours ago, Dre801 said:

Just finished two episodes.  It's not bad.  The bad guys and supporting characters are more interesting than Ryan though.

Haven't watched it yet. But based on the trailers I've seen: Is it because Jack Ryan is a generic white action hero instead of a behind the scenes fixer with an interesting backstory?

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You get a hint of a backstory early on.  Something happened in his past as a soldier that keeps him up at night.


  So far, Ryan is an analyst who gets reluctantly put out in the field, but don't expect "Jack Bauer."



The show tries, but it never rises to anything I'd call great.  Not a must watch  by any means.  Amazon is pushing the hell out of it(season 2 was greenlit long ago).  They really need to flesh out their main character though, he being the title character and all. . . .

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