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  1. Well I seem to be way out on my own on this one. How the hell anyone nominated this dude for director is beyond me. This was overwrought garbage that steals, not homages, from about everything. Typically I take an "Academy can do it's thing" attitude, but this one has me perplexed.
  2. Good thread, didnt know I could get it for free after buying a MacBook last month. They're trying so hard to mask how little is currently included though it's a bit frustrating. Weekly episode releases is disappointing to. Glad I'm not paying for this right now.
  3. I've been on a total media blackout, partially intentional and partially a lack of caring, and so I have seen exactly one non-poster image of this film that was on a passing TV. That shot is is Rey's George Foreman lightsaber flipping open. I don't have a clue what the story is, but between that and Palpatine being on every poster I don't understand if Episode 8 even happened...?
  4. Oh, and one more thing, as someone who is sick and fucking tired of watching the Waynes die in every single Batman movie, the fact I just got tricked into a 2-hour origin for that story without Batman even in the movie is completely obnoxious. Good god DC, leave the Waynes off the screen. We don't need to see those pearls a 7th time.
  5. What a miserable, cynical, nihilistic piece of garbage. Phoenix had a great performance, but the directing is absolutely overbearing and atrocious, and the amount of times i saw the director step on Phoenix's performance was frustrating. Then there is the film's script. It's biggest crime? It's pathetically boring. I was waiting for an hour+ for anything to hold onto that made me feel gripped by the film, but it was just sad. Everyone is a bad person. The dialog is bland. There are some really cool concepts that are terribly executed (Joker laughing at things that aren't funny), and a bunch of lame ones like the romantic "relationship" reveal that was super obvious and yet required us to see every single instance of where the director tricked us (haha!). Everything, and I mean literally everything about this film that had a shot at being compelling was stolen (not homaged) from better films, like Taxi Driver, Man on the Moon, and hell even Sixth Sense. This is a muddled mixture brought down by overbearing directing, with a script that's not nearly as insightful as it thinks it is when it comes breaking down a man's mind. They cheated, a lot, and gave the Joker way too many sympathetic excuses. He wasn't perceiving Thomas Wayne as a rich capitalistic asshole who didn't care about Gotham, Wayne was a rich asshole who didn't care about Gotham. That's where they messed up the most, I think. Joker laughing at the wrong times is great, but they needed to carry that trait over to him misunderstanding what others are saying. Things society sees as a positive he should see as a negative, false reinforcement as set up by the film. But it cares too much about its tricks as a movie than holding together its themes through and through. I don't know, there are two shots i really liked, both at the end. One is what the whole film built up towards, and it looks incredible, but was terribly earned. Then you have the very last shot which is amazing and perfectly Joker, only serving to remind you of the film you wanted to see instead of the one you got. Completely aside from it being an Elseworlds, I'm cool with the basic concept here, I just hated it as a film.
  6. I still havent watched Season 3, and it's supposedly the best one. My superhero fatigue is getting real.
  7. Altered Carbon was close to greatness, but could't stick the landing. Still a fun ride.
  8. Every DC film gets positive social media buzz. The studio knows exactly who their influencers are and how to make them happy. It's not that I don't think James Wan is capable of making a good Aquaman movie, but I won't let WB hype me for another potential flashfest, either. I'm guessing it has some cool action sequences and little in the way of character. But we'll see. (Although not in theaters, for me at least.)
  9. I saw "dead" and "Henry Rollins" in the headline and was a bit shocked.
  10. World War Z's audiobook is very entertaining, as the premise of the book is the author interviewing a bunch of survivors from after the war and each character is played by a notable actor (Nathan Fillion, Alan Alda, John Torturro, mark Hamil, etc.).
  11. @Remarkableriots So I hit up Amazon chat, and they acknowledged the issue. To resolve it they added the season to my videos, and she said they would be looking into the matter. Weird. But that's some good customer service.
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