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  1. I still havent watched Season 3, and it's supposedly the best one. My superhero fatigue is getting real.
  2. Altered Carbon was close to greatness, but could't stick the landing. Still a fun ride.
  3. Every DC film gets positive social media buzz. The studio knows exactly who their influencers are and how to make them happy. It's not that I don't think James Wan is capable of making a good Aquaman movie, but I won't let WB hype me for another potential flashfest, either. I'm guessing it has some cool action sequences and little in the way of character. But we'll see. (Although not in theaters, for me at least.)
  4. I saw "dead" and "Henry Rollins" in the headline and was a bit shocked.
  5. World War Z's audiobook is very entertaining, as the premise of the book is the author interviewing a bunch of survivors from after the war and each character is played by a notable actor (Nathan Fillion, Alan Alda, John Torturro, mark Hamil, etc.).
  6. @Remarkableriots So I hit up Amazon chat, and they acknowledged the issue. To resolve it they added the season to my videos, and she said they would be looking into the matter. Weird. But that's some good customer service.
  7. Wait, yea, what the hell? They pinged on JustWatch, and it shows Prime for S3, but it's listed for money. What? Maybe it flipped early and is due up tomorrow (Friday)?
  8. While I was more into Season 1's detective noir bits, I still enjoyed the second season quite a bit. Looking forward to digging into Season 3 this weekend.
  9. I'm excited for this. He's a charismatic actor that has the right side of sinister to him. I hope it avoids being too tied into the films. The other show they are talking about is more of the Rogue One group being the focus (which is the best Star Wars so I am ok with it), and I want a less "destined" adventure.
  10. I wasn't judging others for their reactions.. That wouldn't be a very Stan Lee thing to do.
  11. I'm not sad. The man lived to be 95 and left a legacy behind full of love and memories, with characters who will reach centuries beyond his own mortality. This is a chance to celebrate a life well lived and to be inspired by his creativity in our own lives. What a legend.
  12. Kind of a terrible way to reveal it though. Looks like they want to put a VHS in my pocket. And I don't think I want this now that I have seen it. A small, thin device that fits in my pocket is all I need.
  13. Depends on what your criteria is. Ronin and Bourne Identity both have chases that are more my style.
  14. I want a TV series based on that book so much, with British style 4-6 episode seasons that cover each of the time jumps. The Vietnam allegory to a soldier feeling like he was fighting and dying for a world that left him behind is a relevant story again.
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