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1 hour ago, best3444 said:


I agree. He is a great scorer but is toxic to the team he plays on. He's extremely selfish and isn't a winner. 

He plays hard once he arrives but as soon as there is any adversity he pouts, stops giving 100%, and fakes injuries until he forces a trade.

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1 hour ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

Great pick. LeBum hiding so he doesn’t get blamed for missing the playoffs. 

Cracking Up Lol GIF by HULU


That was my opinion early on. I now do not like LeBron or the Lakers. I've kinda stopped keeping an eye on basketball in general. 

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1 hour ago, best3444 said:


That was my opinion early on. I now do not like LeBron or the Lakers. I've kinda stopped keeping an eye on basketball in general. 

Basketball sucks now. Bunch of soft tattooed woke soy bois chunking up 3 balls. 

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21 minutes ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

Trae Young GIF by Atlanta Hawks



also this whiny bitch 

Regular Season Sport GIF by NBA


and this mentally fragile snowflake 

Kevin Durant Smile GIF by Brooklyn Nets


also this lazy lying pos

Happy Lets Go GIF by NBA


don't forget these dudes who think they are great but haven't won a damn thing

James Harden Reaction GIF by NBA


Stank Face Russell Westbrook GIF by NBA


Celebrate Nba Playoffs GIF by ESPN




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The Spurs and Lakers finished their seasons tonight with the Spurs exactly one game ahead of them.


The Lakers lost a game to the Spurs a little over a month ago on March 7th. If the Lakers had won that game their records would be exactly flipped right now. By the time that game happened, it was already clear that the Pels and the Spurs where the potential spoilers for the Laker's Play-in hopes. The Blazers actually had a better record than the Spurs at the time, but everyone knew after the trade deadline that they were in full tank mode.


With that in mind, something happened right before that game that I have not heard anyone bring up as a reason for why the Lakers bombed out of the play-in.


On March 5th LeBron put up that 56 point game in the win against the Warriors. Everyone was drooling over how great the King was to pull out a performance like that to take down the Warriors to make a "statement" about how dangerous they could still be in the playoffs.


What no one really mentioned, and I have still not seen mentioned, is that LeBron exerted himself so much in that Warriors game, playing more minutes than any other player and at 37 years old, that he then predictably was a DNP for Monday's game against the Spurs.


LeBron was chasing an old, imaginary rivalry with the Warriors(have to actually be a threat to be a real rival). But if he was facing the reality at the time that the Lakers were a play-in team that just wanted to make the play-in, get Davis back healthy, and see what happened.....the game against the Spurs was the much more important game.


Indeed, while it is impossible to know exactly what would have happened in a reality where LeBron played that game and the Lakers won, mathematically speaking that single game is the reason the Spurs are playing the Pels on Wednesday instead of the Lakers.

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Man, the Warriors looking like they're old selves again tonight. The passing, shooting, and moving off the ball legitimately makes the other team look like they're playing against the Globetrotters sometimes. 


Looking like Warriors and Suns in the WCF is likely. The East is more up in the air. I could see any of the top 4 making it if they play to their potential(and who knows what's going to happen with the Nets).


Warriors vs. Buck would be a fun Finals.


I feel like the Bucks and Warriors are the two teams that really played the long game right this season. Took their time to get their stars in the right place at the right time. The Warriors especially right now are looking like geniuses. Had to work Klay and Green back into the lineup, get the chemistry right with the young talent, and then even had to deal with the late season injury for Steph. And they're looking like a group that's played together all season.

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On 4/16/2022 at 6:37 PM, Chairslinger said:

Lakers should be kicking themselves after watching the Grizzlies game today.


They aren't a bad team, but being young and inexperienced they would have been a really good matchup for LeBron if they managed the 7th seed and got Davis back.

they would have gotten crushed by the grizzlies lol 


that laker team was legit bad with davis or without

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On 4/21/2022 at 1:26 PM, johnny said:

they would have gotten crushed by the grizzlies lol 


that laker team was legit bad with davis or without



If not for an epic comeback in game 3, the Wolves might be up 3-1 right now.


It's not that the Lakers are a good team, it's that LeBron still has the ability to go in there and win a game nearly single handedly. If he had went in there and dropped 50 and stole game 1, that puts a lot of pressure on a Grizzlies team that is young, inexperienced, and has "better regular season team than playoff team" written all over them. 


That's why I singled out that matchup.



Anyway, love to see the collapse of the Nets. It would be a nearly unprecedented spit in the face of basketball if that group of whiners made a deep playoff run.


I don't dislike KD, but Bench Simmons and Typhoid Kyrie are the bane of the league. For them to get the 7th seed coasting through the season and knock out a legit Eastern Conference champ contender would have been an embarrassment.


It will just be "chef's kiss" if Simmons plays game 4, they still lose, and one single game is all it takes for him to quit on the Nets and sits all of next season until they trade him too :lol:

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In shocking news, Bench Simmons is now out of Game 4 :lol:


Honestly, it's probably dumb for them to even try to play him. Just sit him until next season. Playing him in this series now has little upside and you risk having him throw another hissy fit.


I don't really see next season being much better if he refuses to change(and boy is he in the all time running for good players refusing to change to become great), but at least it would give them a chance to start fresh.

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