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I’m in New England


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First vacation since 2018. We flew to Boston, saw a Red Sox game on Sunday.  @Kal-El814 and his lovely lady hosted us for a delicious dinner at their abode Sunday evening. Then Salem for museums on Monday, and now we’re in Portland, ME. I have enjoyed a lot of delicious seafood, the weather has been lovely compared to the Satan’s asshole that is my home state. 

My only complaint is that the driving here sucks. The roads are not well marked and the street signs seem hard to see most of the time. 

Otherwise, I adore New England and I’m thrilled to be traveling after so long. Fuck covid. 

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Driving in Boston is basically one of the worst things, like hovering somewhere between cancer and listening to Aerosmith on repeat.


I was just in New England a couple weeks ago. It is a lovely area, especially this time of year. I spent a few days in Boston and then stayed with a friend of mine in Vermont. I absolutely loved Vermont, 10/10 would recommend.

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2 minutes ago, Kal-El814 said:


My legs were sexier and more powerful before I dashed one of them to bits on the ground of the rock climbing gym. I concede.


A thought that crosses my mind literally every time I fall off a boulder. 'Is this the moment before a compound fracture? It could be!'

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Bangor was fun. Except when my husband totally barfed on the Stephen King tour bus. I’ve seen the man puke once, maybe twice in our 16 years together and he gets sick on vacation. Oh well. This morning I let him sleep in and I went to Mount Hope Cemetery. It’s quite old and they filmed some scenes from the first Pet Sematary movie there. 

Today we went to Bar Harbor and Acadia. It’s a horribly foggy day, so I couldn’t really get any great photos, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Back to Bangor and we fly home tomorrow. This has been a great trip. Had tons of great food, gotten to see a lot and the weather was great for the most part. I’m glad we did this. 

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