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  1. Why or? Is nobody advanced enough to modify bong functionality into their realdoll?
  2. Hmmm... I just re-read my post and didn't see that assertion there. Is there a reason why you're attempting to spin my point to divert the question back to me right now instead of owning up to answering it? Why do you think magas are/are in danger of being unjustly marginalized?
  3. The difference might be that, in the current system at least, these jobs result in someone often being treated as a second class citizen or worse. In a society with a higher quality of life and less prejudice this much less likely to be the case. Anyone who's unjustly marginalized seems to have a healthy dislike of it. For whatever reason, magas and similar ilk seem to think otherwise. Why would you say this is?
  4. Anyways, gotta go to bed now. Final thought, If anyone is genuinely angered by my saying trump supporters and sympathizers should be given very low priority in obtaining jobs of a higher quality of life which usually require solid critical thinking skills and compassion, agree to disagree. I hope you obtain a job like those that blue collar trump supporters would risk having/spreading covid to keep. sending thoughts and prayers.
  5. Not sure about demonizing or not. While I definitely can't empathize a lot with Trump supporters beyond sending thoughts and prayers, I think those willing to brave a pandemic to protest their loss of jobs that mostly they want and nobody else does, and are willing to vote against compassionate society to obtain/keep them, should still get to keep them. I'm willing to even go so far as to say anyone who's a trump supporter should have social power enacted to favor them getting priority in having jobs like those over ones that require more compassion and social responsibility, a
  6. Point being, I think everyone can express at least enough compassion (though not empathy) to allow them priority in taking and keeping the jobs they want that nobody who likes things like education and culture want to do. And to be fair, I would say this also goes for Trump supporters/sympathizers who don't want jobs that are low quality of life because they think they're above them or whatever, but that might be a bit more difficult of a thing to see happen.
  7. Even if they're bigoted or whatever, they clearly also value working hard more than something like a UBI. They literally chose to will that reality into existence over a more social and compassionate economy. Bernie and Yang's policies would have favored not forcing anyone to work low quality of life jobs or die, but they still chose to die for Trump and hard work for whatever silly reason. So...if we're going to remain a capitalist system for at least a while longer, I say let 'em work, cruel as that may seem.
  8. Regardless of how supporting of hate these folks are or aren't, they will still technically live on the same soil as us for a long time and we all still live in a capitalist society for now. Until that's gone, they would need to contribute in some way. Hopefully they become de-radicalized but many will not, and they need to eat too. And many seem to strongly want to work jobs that most do not. You're saying it's oppressive to grant them priority in obtaining/keeping these low quality of life jobs they desire, ones that those leaning more towards academia-based politics don't want to do?
  9. You're saying everyone in blue collar labor is a bigot? Or are you talking about those who are likely to be proud to be blue collar above most things, would brave a pandemic and risk contracting and spreading covid to keep their jobs, etc?
  10. Of course not everyone who does blue collar work is a bigot. I don;t no many progressives who want to do that work tbh and would say life circumstances due to capitalism pushed them into it or whatever, but be that as it may, there are many who ARE willing to have and strongly desire these jobs. Who are you to say they shouldn't have them? And if so, what would you suggest be done with these folks? So you would say they should get to keep those jobs? Well, then we agree. Why the fuss?
  11. If you think their jobs should be taken because you're jealous of them having them, what would you suggest be done here? You want these people to die in the street or woods? Or you want them to be in jobs with higher social and political responsibility that many of them people seem uninterested in in the first place? How in your opinion does this issue get resolved?
  12. I'll say it. A lot of trump supporters are hard-working, salt of the earth fine folk with economic anxiety simply because they're afraid of losing their jobs. It was heartbreaking seeing so many mislead but well meaning blue collar people brave a pandemic just to protest keeping those jobs some months back. While I disagree with them on some stuff and am too wimpy and unqualified to do work such as mining, janitorial services, construction, waste management, pest control, carpentry, firefighting, truck-driving, delivery, service industry, factory work, electricians, AC repair, elevator inspe
  13. Since moving into my mother's guestroom this year, there is no computer or streaming device so I only watch cable.
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