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NFL Week 6 - Football Every Day of the Week!


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You know, even before last week's Tuesday night game I was thinking about spreading the NFL games  over the course of a week. Obviously this would have to be scheduled very carefully but I think it would work out. As it stands the NFL is really the only major sport that has every game (mostly) on one day.

Spreading the games out across the week ensures that many teams get exposure to all markets rather than the viewer only getting a (non) choice of 2 games a week. Obviously you wouldn't have a team play on Wednesday then the upcoming Sunday but you could definitely make it so certain teams play the majority of certain days of the week.


Anyway, just some random thoughts. Enjoy this Monday night game at 2pm in the afternoon! :peace:

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10 minutes ago, Amazatron said:

Seems like an odd time to go all in on Tua, Fitzmagic was doing his thing.



True, but...I mean it is during their bye, and if you've ever looked up 'The cycle of Fitz" it really is the right time, just before he turns South.  


It will only be a problem if Tua stumbles out of the gate for the first couple of games, especially with the Phins 1 game back in the division and from the last playoff spot.  




Here it is...





10 TDs, 7 pics, 1,535 yards, with a 3-3 record in the hunt.  And I believe he is making 8 million this year (could be wrong) so he gets to collect 5 million more while holding a clip board.  


Good stuff.

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