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Vermont legalizes marijuana sales

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Vermont is the 11th state to allow recreational marijuana sales.



Gov. Phil Scott (R) on Wednesday announced he’ll allow a marijuana sales legalization bill passed by the legislature to take effect. Vermont previously legalized marijuana possession and growing. The latest bill allows and builds a commercialized, tax-and-regulate system, similar to other legalization states’.


The legislation is set to take effect this month, but state regulators will have until October 2022 to start issuing licenses for retailers — meaning legal sales could still be as much as two years away.


Separately, Scott signed another bill into law that seeks to automate the expungement process for past marijuana convictions, freeing people from their criminal records for marijuana. People who get expungements will receive a notification by mail.



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1 hour ago, Zaku3 said:

Oo crap this reminds me I gotta go vote because legalization is on the ballot in NJ.



this reminds me that I gotta vote because a psychotic terrorist is running the country into the ground like never seen before and it severely effects all of us economically, mentally, and physically in a way that will never fully heal from of da weed

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It's starting to get a little silly.


I just did some quickie math and roughly 28% of Americans can now legally buy recreational weed in their state.


This sort of thing can't keep going like this... they have to just bite the bullet and legalize it federally... right? I bet it happens in the next 5-10 years. 100% legal everywhere. The cork is off the bottle and this freight train isn't turning around.

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