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Kevin Feige is producing a Star Wars film


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5 hours ago, IdeaOfEvil said:

And Iger is still pushing his "Too much, too fast" edict instead of admitting to the quality of the story and fan expectations/management as being the real problems....


Except there’s no problem with the movies they’ve put out. Even the “bad” one was significantly better than people made it out to be. 

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What is clear above all else is that Feige is very capable of producing enormous blockbusters. He's very capably shepherded the MCU, but I don't think it's clear where his producing skills shine outside of that particular rubric. My guess is that Feige will be quite good at making a Star Wars film feel like a Star Wars film. Beyond that, I don't think his involvement says much more than the fact that he wanted to be involved.

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