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Who's on your Mount Rushmore of video game creators?


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Shiggy for sure. 

IGA is a shoe-in for me.

Mikami deserves a spot for RE4 alone, IMO.


Can't decide between Yokoi or Tezuka to join the ranks. Leaning towards Yokoi, though. 


Hideo Kojima is the wild card. Overall love his games, but man. Some of them just don't sit right with me. Even if they are critically acclaimed and have production values out the wazoo, and feature a level of polish and detail mostly unheard of in the industry. 


I'd also want a spot for Hiroshi Yamauchi, even though he was not a game creator himself. Gotta give the man credit for basically rebuilding the video game industry from the ashes, all those years ago. 


3 hours ago, gamer.tv said:

Iwata's face carved into the moon for good measure. 



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55 minutes ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

Shiguru Miyamoto, John Carmack, Gunpei Yokoi, Satoru Iwata, and Dennis Dyack (because if it is like Mount Rushmore there should be a guy that doesn’t belong) 

That's one head too many. o_0

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On second thought, Sakiguchi over Alcorn. Final Fantasy left a GIGANTIC impression on me after watching my older brother play through it those many moons ago. It's a shame that series has degraded so much without him. Been the source of many of my get off my lawn posts on here. 

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Its really hard for me to nail down who exactly was the main driving force behind a ton of my favorite games/series. Its more of a studio thing rather than an individual. You definitely still have some developers today like Sakurai and Kojima, but for me to name a singular person for say Halo is a disservice to everyone that worked on it.

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