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Haven (sci-fi RPG from the creators of Furi) - reviews from OpenCritic posted


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Share the journey of two lovers, escaped to a lost planet in a desperate attempt to stay together. Play as Yu and Kay, gliding over the grassland of a shattered planet, unraveling its mysteries to find a way to settle for good.


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Game Information

Game Title: Haven


  • Xbox Series X/S (Dec 3, 2020)
  • PlayStation 5 (Dec 3, 2020)
  • Xbox One (Dec 3, 2020)
  • PC (Dec 3, 2020)
  • Nintendo Switch (Dec 31, 2020)


Developer: The Game Bakers 


Publisher: The Game Bakers 
Review Aggregator

OpenCritic - 75 average - 74% recommended

Critic Reviews

Hey Poor Player - 5 / 5


I could probably write a dissertation on everything Haven does right, but the truth is, Haven is something you must feel. Your relationship with Haven will change over time, the nuances left on you only realized long after the controller has been put away. Haven is the game every game developer wishes they could make and every gamer wishes they could play for the first time every time. It cannot be understated how beautiful Haven is in every sense of the word. Please don’t just play Haven — feel Haven.

GameBlast - Portuguese - 9 / 10


Haven captivates with an adventure that mixes light RPG and survival elements. It is exciting to glide through an exotic planet with areas that invite exploration. The combat surprises with its depth and variety in tactical battles that require rhythm, coordination and a lot of attention. At the center of this is a charismatic couple of protagonists whose relationship is explored in countless fun scenes full of complicity. Some elements in the exploration are a little obtuse and break the fluidity, but they are circumventable. In the end, Haven turns out to be a remarkable and memorable journey.

GameWatcher - 9 / 10


Lovers in a Shattered Land

Slant Magazine - 4.5 / 5 stars


Along with being one of the most gentle and soothing games of the year, Haven is also gaming at its most compassionate.

But Why Tho? - 8.5 / 10


When all is said and done, what sells Haven is its characters. If a deep rich character-driven narrative that centers around two exceptionally realized characters is something you believe is worth a few gameplay hiccups to experience then this game is worth every second of your time. It’s characters deliver in every way I could ask for. Crafting a tale that was the most emotionally impactful gaming experience I’ve had since I played Sea of Solitude last year. And to put a little perspective here, that was my game of the year last year. And while its gameplay shortcomings keep it from quite reaching that level of gaming perfection, its story is as close to perfect as I could ask for.

Noisy Pixel - 8.5 / 10


Haven took me by complete surprise with its relatable characters and emotional love story. Gliding from island to island is endlessly fun and is a great way to take in its bright art direction. While there are some performance issues, the overall story and exploration had me hooked from beginning to end. If you’re looking for a romantic and fantastic narrative Haven has a beautiful world ready to explore.

PSX Brasil - Portuguese - 85 / 100


While the journey to survive in Source is interesting and the gameplay brings fun yet repetitive things, Haven really does a spectacular job of telling its story, raising every little moment, from combat to gliding while holding hands, moved by the strength of its script, voice-acting and love between its protagonists.

Cerealkillerz - German - 8.3 / 10


Haven isn't the big RPG revolution but definitely one of the most beautiful games of the year. If you are looking for an emotional title for in-between with an amazing soundtrack to relax or some co-op fun with your partner, you will still get a great experience.

Bazimag - Persian - 8 / 10


There is banter, love, fight for survival and it all revolves around two very likable protagonists and has a nice art style. This is not one of those dark dystopian futuristic rebel stories, it is about two people trying to have their own piece of freedom and it is a nice change of pace between all these dour same-y sci-fi games and movies. The gameplay could’ve had more range to it but all in all it’s good enough for the game it is trying to be.

Checkpoint Gaming - 8 / 10


In the modest but apt time you’ll spend with Haven, it’s easy to fall in love with its world and characters. This is a game about love... developers The Game Bakers have not only done a really good job in writing both leads Yu and Kay, but also casting a pair of actors to play them that share a fantastic amount of chemistry.

Everyeye.it - Italian - 8 / 10


Despite some snags both stylistic and design, Haven still manages to tell a traditional but effective love story relying precisely on those parts that other means of expression usually hide, or leave behind: the myth of Yu and Kay is built in battles with alien and corrupt creatures, but is deconstructed while we see them cooking, going to the bathroom or playing UNO (yes, we're not kidding!).

GameSpew - 8 / 10


Haven is slow-paced, but it’s beautiful and captivating. If you want something to enjoy while tucked under a warm blanket, this might just be the comfort you need.

GamingBolt - 8 / 10


What Haven doesn't quite perfect in its gameplay, it makes up for with a beautifully crafted, surprisingly human relationship, accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack and gorgeous presentation.

Hardcore Gamer - 4 / 5


Even with iffy combat, Haven ends up being a dose of pure joy, letting you experience a well-written whirlwind romance with lovable characters, or just letting you hover around a planet at fast speeds, enjoying satisfying gameplay as you swiftly gather up more Flow or escape corrupted creatures.

IGN - 8 / 10


Haven is a charming and unusual sci-fi RPG about love prevailing above all else, although between its thrilling gravity boot rides and respectable combat are long spans of monotonous resource gathering and clean-up.

PlayStation Universe - 8 / 10


The Game Bakers have done a wonderful job creating a unique world and telling a love story that's believable and intriguing. I was fully invested in Kay and Yu and shaping their relationship. Though the game is all about the story, the game's turn-based combat is truly unique and demands your attention. What seals the deal is Havens's fantastic soundtrack providing some of the best electronic music I've heard in a while. For those looking for a different type of game, Haven is a great alternative for those looking for a great character-driven and emotional. experience.

Game Informer - 7.8 / 10


Haven finds a groove in its exploration and character-building, but the combat and big narrative beats throw it off

Easy Allies - 7.5 / 10


Haven follows lovers on the run as they navigate a strange, alien world and try to build a better future. There are plenty of rough patches along the way, but these daring explorers make the journey worthwhile.

The Thirsty Mage - 7.5 / 10


Haven is a charming and endearing story of two people who have found and cultivated a meaningful and intimate relationship. By the end of the story, you’ll more than likely have grown attached to Kay and Yu; it’s easy to sympathize with what they’ve been through and the troubles they face on Source. Adding to the effectiveness of the characters is some truly fine writing and voice work to match.

FingerGuns - 7 / 10


A delightful central relationship gives this love story RPG wings, but generic survival beats and somewhat empty worlds leaves Haven not quite the essential indie experience we were hoping for.

Gamer Escape - 7 / 10


It just doesn’t seem they put as much love and detail into the gameplay as they did the character writing and world building. In the end, while not a must play, Haven is still worth a glance if you’re looking for a feel-good experience.

Kakuchopurei - 70 / 100


Despite its outerworldly setting, Haven’s message & writing highlights the pros and cons of a relationship that many couples, and even ex-couples, can relate to. Except for maybe the bit where you feed a marble cake to attract a giant alien manta ray to serve as your makeshift taxi cab.

Push Square - 7 / 10


There are flaws in Haven's gameplay, but its endearing protagonists, unique atmosphere, and superb soundtrack make it an interesting and engaging journey to an alien planet. Its portrayal of an adult relationship is something to be admired, and it's hard not to care about the plight of Kay and Yu by the end of what is ultimately quite a touching love story.

Spaziogames - Italian - 7 / 10


Haven has good premises and touch of freshness as it strives to convey humanity, even though most of its mechanics and plot would've deserved more deepening

RPG Site - 6 / 10


Built for local co-op with a significant other in mind, Haven is a pleasant experience with some severe narrative downfalls.

Gameblog - French - 5 / 10


Despite its charming story and truly endearing characters, Haven does not deliver the adventure it once promised. Between its cryptic mecanics, redundant environments and rough battles, it seems like the game does not want to player ton pursue the adventure or have a pleasant time. Too bad, because Danger's soundtrack and the story of Yu and Kay should have need a better treatment.

DualShockers - 4.5 / 10


The endearing love story and vibrant art style of Haven can't save it from being a derivative and forgettable RPG adventure.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Unscored


Cutting out the parts that became tedious would quicken the narrative enough to undermine it, but those parts became so laborious that they dragged it down instead. Perhaps I missed the point entirely by playing it alone – it is eminently obvious where a second player would fit in to its design – but if I had a lover here right now, I don’t think this is the game I’d choose to play with them. I’ve been in my own haven for far too long.

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