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The Weekly Standard to fold after 23 years

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1 hour ago, Greatoneshere said:


This is so weird for the President to comment on. Yet here we are.


It would be nice to say this is a new low for pettiness for him, but really it's just the same amount of pettiness he regularly shows in a slightly new situation.


That said, I have heard some garment rending over the Standard shutting down. I get that they were fairly consistently anti-Trump and, even more importantly, that the more you eliminate conservative alternatives to Trump the more you are left with ever more adherence to Trump Trump uber alles within the Republican Party.


But ultimately their promotion of right wing fantasies was one of the things that led to Trump. It's nice that you are against the monster killing people, but that doesn't absolve you of your role in the massacre Dr. Frankenstein.

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