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Lumines Remastered it out!


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Lumines remastered is out now. It is on everything so pick your poison. Want it in 4k or handheld? I wish it was the PS Vita Version as the series has made some nice litle changes over the years. This Puzzle game was the game that got me to jump on a PSP day one that and I could put videos on it like Family Guy and the Simpsons. This game went from playing it in the bathroom or where ever I had a few minutes to not that at all as a game could last an hour or more later. The Switch Version talks about all the rumble it will give you. COming from the Creator of Rez I can see them going pretty far with rumble. I think might double dip. This game feels great on a handheld and headphones and I want to play in 4k as well.






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3 hours ago, SFLUFAN said:

Glad you made it here @Mike  :p


In case it's of interest, I'm pretty sure it's possible to merge accounts together. I haven't poked at it but I'd assume it's like threads where you have to start with the one you want to keep and then merge in the other one.

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