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Jusant - Don’t Nod does an ICO in UE5 (Gamepass/Steam/PS5)


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You never heard of this game but reviews are in and it’s apparently quite good! 



Enjoy meditative vibes in Jusant, an action-puzzle climbing game. Scale an immeasurably tall tower and ascend to new heights alongside your watery companion. Master your climbing tools...


Game Information
Game Title: Jusant



  • Xbox Series X/S (Oct 31, 2023)
  • PlayStation 5 (Oct 31, 2023)
  • PC (Oct 31, 2023)


Developer: DON'T NOD


Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 82 average - 89% recommended


Critic Reviews


VG247 - Jim Trinca - 5 / 5

A way up, in this case. Jusant is another banger in a year of endless bangers, as notable for everything it isn’t as much as what it is: a meditative, evocative odyssey up a big tower, with plenty of time to reflect and ponder deftly weaved through the experience by master storytellers who want you to feel every pore of the rock as you ascend, and every ache of the heart that its residents left behind.

GamesCreed - Daman Shelley - 4.7 / 5

Jusant may be short, but it is truly unforgettable. It is definitely one of those games that will stay with you for years to come. The game truly shows how far DON’T NOD has come in terms of being a developer, and only time will tell what their next masterpiece will be. Jusant may be short, but it is well worth your time and is an absolute must-play.

33bits - Fernando Sánchez - Spanish - 90 / 100

Jusant demonstrates why Don't Nod should focus on these titles. We have a puzzle game where the master mechanic is climbing and the driving engine is an environmental narrative that will push us to continue climbing, this combination is the work of crazy people or geniuses, and we are more inclined towards the latter. If its curious and interesting proposal appeals to you, don't let it escape, it is one of those games that we will still be talking about in 10 years.

GamingTrend - Corvo Rohwer - 90 / 100

Jusant may seem like a game about just scaling a tower, but the calmness of the climb manifests itself in a way that feels peaceful in the ascension. Movement is focused and deliberate without feeling clunky, and the involvement of the terrain is wonderful. The breezy cliff sides and beautiful landscapes make for a short and sweet experience that anyone can appreciate.

NoobFeed - Jay Claassen - 90 / 100

Jusant might start off as a fun climbing game that challenges you to climb a massive mountain, but it’ll end up turning into a journey. Even though Jusant doesn’t have any NPCs, there’s still a rich story to discover in the form of letters from the previous people who lived there. All in all, Jusant might give players with a fear of heights a nightmare or two, but it’s easy enough to look past for a game that’ll leave a lasting impact and maybe even a few fond memories.

Sirus Gaming - Leif Rey Bornales - 9 / 10

Anyone who loves a good climbing puzzle game will truly love Jusant and its protagonist. From the many exciting sceneries that you get throughout your journey to the soundtrack that keeps you motivated to keep going. Jusant is a must-have if you ever feel like doing something challenging and daunting.

PC Gamer - Kaile Hultner - 89 / 100

A subtle and intriguing story encourages you to climb ever higher in this melancholy adventure.

Hobby Consolas - Daniel Quesada - Spanish - 87 / 100

One of the games with the most personality of the year, offering a quiet, but increasingly interesting experience. Ideal to escape from the noise of the big blockbusters and let yourself be surprised little by little.

The Games Machine - Nicholas Mercurio - Italian - 8.7 / 10

Jusant is a courageous, intense and detailed work. Full of originality, with a brilliant and intelligent plot, it tells of a cross-section of the world that is explored through long crossings and climbs that are always different, but still complex. Strengthened by an exciting, engaging and well-implemented play structure, it is proof of the passion of Don't Nod, which is preparing to leave its mark on a panorama that it has known for seventeen years.

But Why Tho? - Kate Sanchez - 8.5 / 10

Justant is a testament to letting environments speak for themselves instead of relying on dialogue. Don’t Nod trusts its ability as developers to create a game that relies on experience, not words and it trusts its players to understand narrative subtleties. Jusant may be simple, but its layered vision of a world is timeless.

Checkpoint Gaming - Charlie Kelly - 8.5 / 10

Jusant is wonderful and never fails to impress. It's at its best when it's offering you the quiet, contemplative moments, teasing passed on civilisations with its very apt environmental storytelling. Offering climbing gameplay that is more focused on fluidity and responsiveness than gruelling or trivial makes for a smoother and more enjoyable experience, bolstering the cinematic and picturesque world painted. Basking in the glow of the sunlight, reaching a peak and in turn being greeted with beautiful pieces of music that feel almost like they're cheering you on… they entirely more than make up for the brief moments the game overshares in its otherwise mystique nature. At the end of it all, Jusant is worth the climb, remaining all peaks and no valleys.

GAMES.CH - Josef Erl - German - 85%

Jusant is a wonderful gaming experience with an almost meditative flow, supported by an atmospheric soundtrack and almost perfectly balanced game mechanics. Unfortunately, it's already over after about five hours. In the end, however, you are left with a strong message and the great feeling of having achieved something.

Press Start - James Wood - 8.5 / 10

Jusant's melancholic world may be built on the absence of life but through its methodically refined climbing mechanics and richly rewarding thematic work, it carves a path that rarely ever leaves you looking down.

XboxEra - Jon Clarke - 8.5 / 10

Jusant then – a beautiful, relaxing adventure that players can tackle at their own pace. Exploring every nook and cranny of this world, and charting your own path is something that should be savoured, and you should absolutely add it to your download queue via Xbox Game Pass.

COGconnected - Michael Chow - 84 / 100

In a gaming landscape often dominated by frantic and intense titles, Jusant serves as a serene beacon of tranquillity and introspection. It reminds us that not every gaming experience needs to be an adrenaline rush. Instead, it offers an opportunity to escape the chaos of the outside world and immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted environment. With Jusant, you’ll master the art of climbing, explore diverse biomes, and uncover the mysteries of the tower, all while enjoying a captivating and peaceful atmosphere. In a world filled with high-octane games, Jusant stands as a soothing journey to new heights, where the destination is only half the adventure.

IGN Italy - Francesco Destri - Italian - 8.2 / 10

Jusant mixes adventure, exploration, a cryptic and mysterious storyline and lots of climbing sections with good results. It's not a genre for everyone, but if you've always dreamed of a mix of Grow Home, Journey and The Climb, here it is.

Arabhardware - Ahmed Yousry - Arabic - 8 / 10

One of the most enjoyable indie games of 2023. Don't Nod succeeded in providing a relaxing experience with a stunning visual design that made me wish this adventure would never end. It is the perfect meditation for anyone looking for a calm night after a long day of work.

Daily Star - Tom Hutchison - 4 / 5

One of the most unique and lovely games of the year.

Digital Trends - Tomas Franzese - 4 / 5

Jusant's creative take on climbing and a minimalistic approach to storytelling make it one of the boldest titles from Don't Nod so far.

GGRecon - Ava Thompson-Powell - 4 / 5

With a unique art style, gorgeous soundscapes, and a world you’ll want to keep exploring, Jusant is one game I’ll likely remember and regard highly for quite some time.

Gamer Escape - Justin Mercer - 8 / 10

Jusant is not a game for everyone, but if you expect it to be one you’ll appreciate, it probably will be. Its noteworthy climbing mechanics are kept fresh throughout the adventure by asking you to utilize them in different ways, its ponderous atmosphere is top notch, and the environmental storytelling within its detailed world really gets your imagination going to a degree I hadn’t remotely expected.

But it isn’t perfect. It’s more traditional storytelling elements are weaker, it doesn’t challenge the player very much, and it runs short at about six or so hours long. These detractions end up being minor disappointments in the face of a very successful adventure game, but they’re still there all the same, and it’s a shame Jusant doesn’t eschew them to become something even more special than it already is.

Geeks & Com - Marc-Antoine Bergeron Cote - French - 8 / 10

Jusant is undoubtedly one of the best surprises of 2023. Unveiled to gamers just a few months ago, DON'T NOD's title offers an unusual experience. The gameplay perfectly transcribes the movements of the climber, while the environment provides a dose of difficulty throughout the adventure. Although the experience is fairly short, and you sometimes feel a little lost in your progress, it's easy to immerse yourself in this adventure. I would, of course, have liked a little more, but I think the developers stopped at just the right moment to avoid the impression of doing the same thing over and over again. In short, a little nugget that I'd recommend to gamers looking for a slightly different experience.

God is a Geek - Chris White - 8 / 10

Jusant is a strong entry from DON'T NOD that offers a chilled out experience with a balanced sense of discovery, challenge, and beauty.

MondoXbox - Giorgio Cusinato - Italian - 8 / 10

Jusant is a gem to see and play; coherent, delicate, thoughtful. The splendid art direction, coupled with a fascinating and magnetic world building, clashes with a limited gameplay layering and a short overall length, but if you love narrative adventures and poetic and inspired game worlds, you will definitely want to play it.

Slant Magazine - Aaron Riccio - 4 / 5

Though Jusant gets a bit fanciful in its last level, abandoning its natural elements for an astronomical excursion, the rapturous feeling of climbing the seemingly unclimbable continues to drive the game forward. This is where Jusant’s deliberate, precise mechanics are so vital, as the more responsive the controls, the more responsible players are for each outcome. Nothing is impossible, the game suggests. You just have to take it one step at a time.

Spaziogames - Giulia Francolino - Italian - 8 / 10

Jusant is a puzzle game about climbing that offers the player a variety of beautiful scenarios, a wonderful soundtrack, and a captivating narrative while addressing important topics with grace and sensitivity.

VideoGamer - Ben Borthwick - 8 / 10

A contemplative adventure that won’t set the world on fire, but its logical and tactile climbing mechanics are genuinely fun and present a compelling proposition to keep exploring in spite of its relatively short length.

WellPlayed - Adam Ryan - 8 / 10

Jusant is a gorgeous and relaxing puzzler with well-design climbing mechanics that evolve over the course of a very tight five-hour runtime.

WhatIfGaming - Ali Hashmi - 8 / 10

Jusant is a celebration of climbing that makes full use of its premise. It offers a relaxed experience that allows you to go at your own pace while offering enough challenge that rewards mastery of its mechanics. Its excellent art direction, paired with a soothing soundtrack elevates the climbing adventure even if the worldbuilding suffers from excessive use of text to tell stories. Jusant is a hike worth taking, that's rewarding, memorable, and full of heart.

CGMagazine - Andrew Farrell - 7.5 / 10

When Jusant works as intended, it’s a calming, peaceful experience that’s occasionally let down by some somewhat underwhelming functionality.

Gameffine - Jay Krishnan - 75 / 100

Jusant offers a therapeutic and heart-warming narrative about hope, struggle, reclamation and beginning anew conveyed through immersive and non-disruptive gameplay moments. The core gameplay is simple and fun thanks to the fluid controls and well-made animations. The lack of any sort of challenge and extremely basic puzzles does affect the catharsis, but Jusant is more than the sum of its parts and has enough substance, making it the perfect Gamepass material.

Lords Of Gaming - Daniel May - 7.5 / 10

Jusant shows its best when it shows the past. As you climb through a ghost civilization, you see and hear what was left behind and why.

Don’t Nod’s biggest accomplishment revolves around water, or lack thereof. They show that water is life’s most important resource. When the water disappears, or when a jusant comes, life leaves too.

It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s still a pleasant, cozy, afternoon experience.

Push Square - Stephen Tailby - 7 / 10

Despite one or two missteps, Jusant hangs together thanks to a well-realised, unique location and, more importantly, a fun and engaging way to interact with it. The climbing at its core is wonderfully tactile and finds a balance between complexity and accessibility. The spire of rock you're ascending is an interesting place to explore, gradually shifting into new environments as you ascend. We're not totally sold on the story, and the animation and camera can be clumsy every so often, but the game remains a solid, meditative adventure throughout.

TechRaptor - Samiee Tee - 6 / 10

A beautiful world of exhilarating gameplay that wants no more than to burst out with originality and excitement, which is marred by a want to rush to empty platitudes without thinking of the ripple effect it has on everything else.

Console Creatures - David Pietrangelo - Recommended

Jusant is a game with purpose and adventure at every turn. It's carefully crafted to create an adventure worth conquering, this is an indie title filled with emotion and beautiful discoveries.

Nerfeados - Oscar Nino - Spanish - Unscored

Jusant is a fantastic game. The music, atmosphere and gameplay is delightful and one of Dontnod best games this year. The environmental storytelling is great but might not work as well with some people but that doesn't take much for the whole narrative. 

And yes... you can pet the Ballast.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Alice Bell - RPS Bestest Bests

Jusant's tale unravels through concrete, satisfying climbing that contrasts with ephemeral hints at the past, in a game that marries function, form and story in a most beautiful way.


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I had not heard of this until I saw the UE5 DF video and it’s totally my thing so I wanted to make a thread for it since I only saw one mention ever of it here. I was going to buy it on Steam but actually learned it was on gamepass in the middle of making this thread!

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Only learned about this game like a week ago. From the little gameplay I watched, it feels like a real coin flip whether or not I’ll enjoy it. But of course, that’s the beauty of Game Pass. All it will cost me to find out is some bandwidth and a little of my time. 

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Just played a bit of the beginning and it’s GORGEOUS, beautiful style and music. The climbing mechanic seems solid and is well thought out with a design similar to VR climbing games, but relaxing. Good stuff, I def plan to dive more into this one.

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Fuck anyone that called this a relaxing experience. Even though I know placing hooks will make it very difficult to actually fall very far, this game is still all about climbing forever higher with the ground and the places you were previously at far in the distance below. If this game were VR, I'd throw up, and never load it again.


Plays great, though. Game is only like 3 hours long and I'm already an hour in, so I'll be thankful it's not a VR title and finish it up.

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5 hours ago, Dodger said:

Hey this was shown during Xbox E3 last year and the Partner Preview last week. So Xbox out there trying to show some unique games at least. 


Yeah it was shown during an Xbox show. I don't know why it's being called an Ico, just looked like a mountain climbing game. I do want to try it out though.

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Played an hour through Gamepass and enjoyed it. I haven't played many climbing games, but they've never appealed to me due to generally seeming very on-rails. While the section of the game that I played was pretty linear, it did introduce mechanics that I can see allowing for more freedom than I expect from the genre.

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It seems like @ShreddieMercury waxes poetic about a lot of games but instead of trying to slog through Alan Wake 2, he should be playing this game. It's an original game with innovative gameplay, gorgeous next gen graphics, vibrant colors, emotional storyline and you can play it now on game pass. If this was off of your radar you need to play this ASAP.






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I finished this one. Didn't get all the achievements though, maybe I'll go back. I played 90% of the game with FSR because it didn't launch on game pass with DLSS. Then I read the steam forums and it said that it got added recently so I turned it on and it ran and looked a lot better.


As for the end I felt like kind of a dummy because, maybe it was bugged but my boy wasn't doing anything and I got stuck for a bit.



Like you're supposed to use his ability on a "ballast", which I did but no achievements popped up so I wandered around doing it to every one and nothing was happening. I had to look at a walkthrough and all you have to do it walk up to the edge, took me forever to figure that out. :p


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