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NBC to reboot classic Sax show

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Yes folks, NBC has ordered a pilot to reboot Night Court again. Melissa Rauch of Big Bang Theory is set to produce with her husband, and star as the daughter of Harry Stone (wish he were alive for the reboot) So far only John Larroquette is set to return. I didn’t get into the series until I was late into high school and they started running reruns of this on A&E with NewsRadio. I will catch this and give it a shot, if it makes it to air.

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To be fair, I was never a fan of the show when it aired, an ex used to fall asleep to reruns of this on all the time (one of many reasons why that ended), so then I come to the video I shared, and from what I remember, it's still fairly on brand w/ the dry loathsome "humor". That said, curious to know whether or not John Laroquette got paid in cocaine for this role too?

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‘Night Court’ Renewed For Season 2 At NBC

I’m a fan of the original and this has its moments, but not the classical highs of the first. We’re missing that Bull like character for interaction. Our one bailiff is a bit too much and trying to make her play the dual role of serious but mostly a goof. I want someone like a Ron Funches be our Bull and make her a little calmer or other way around. I don’t mind the changes with Dan but I think Melissa is sort of miscast for my liking, but it is her show. . . so:whistlin:

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