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Japan succumbs to Chinese (virus) imperialism

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They might have lost a fortune on this decision, but good on them for wanting to keep their citizens safe, along with the athletes, and other personal.  You're going to have people traveling from all over the globe potentially carrying new variants of the virus.  It's not worth the risk until the community is vaccinated.  

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Now that I’ve thought some more about it, I’d be really surprised if Japan  canceled the olympics this early. I’m guessing they’ll do the same thing they did last year — wait until it becomes clear that it definitely can’t go on because too many national olympic committees have pulled out. 


If Japan can pull the olympics off, it’ll be remembered as the event that marked the end of covid-19. Now of course that’s assuming the olympics don’t trigger another major outbreak. But if the majority of the population is immunized and you have confidence in the vaccine, in theory that shouldn’t happen. 

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