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  1. 16 times higher? People still die of other causes even during a pandemic. And in a city of 10 million people you'd expect roughly 20,000 people to die in the two months under normal circumstances. And that's just if we're talking about the urban area (if we include the metro area, the expected mortality rises to roughly 40,000, but I'm not sure if there'd be more funeral homes servicing the metro area than what they refer to). Sure the number of deaths from corona are almost certainly higher than what China has said, but I don't think they're necessarily lying. When this first started, China was limited on the tests they could produce and conduct just like everyone else was (and most still are). Italy isn't counting people that die at home but I don't see anyone saying Italy is lying, for example. EDIT: Oh absolutsurgen already covered this.
  2. The map on the right shows percentage of people who have no supermarket within 1 mile AND don’t have a car.
  3. They’ve been reporting close to 100 new cases a day but the line looks flat because it's a log chart.
  4. Look at the labels on the y axis. It’s a cumulative numbers log chart. China had close to 100 new cases yesterday, but it’s going to be hard to see that on a log chart where the sum of cases is nearly 100,000. Compare that to South Korea that is reporting a slightly higher amount of new cases a day (140 yesterday I think) but it’s much more noticeable because their sum total is <10,000.
  5. China’s behaviour seems, to me, consistent with the thesis that they have largely gotten over the first wave of infections but I could be naive. I find it hard to believe that they’d shut down their make shift hospitals and send doctors to other countries if things hadn’t calmed down.
  6. Well, that’s a log chart. The numbers aren’t stopped they’ve just slowed down significantly.
  7. How long until the military starts digging mass graves?
  8. Good to know! I’ve spent the past week without going out in public and I’m running low on some groceries. I’ll probably go to save on foods in the next couple days.
  9. My mom is a retired RN and she said she's thinking about coming out of retirement, and it's articles like this that make me hope she doesn't.
  10. According to reddit, we’re limited on the tests we can do.
  11. What the fuck why is everything is terrible can’t there be some good news for once I am freaking out here
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