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  1. The nice part about the fires is the haze from the smoke made it nice and cool today and yesterday.
  2. Before Quebec had their independence referendum, the Canadian government removed certain military assets out of the province. I don't remember the specifics exactly, but I know that fighter jets were all flown out of the province prior to the vote. Of course, in the example of Canada, we don't have much of a military and don't really have anything comparable to nukes to deal with.
  3. Didn't Pompeo impose sanctions on China due to China's treatment of the Uyghurs? I think both sides of the aisle are pretty united in their "China bad" messaging.
  4. International airport maybe. The majority of the population lives in cities though. You don’t think ICU numbers have peaked yet?
  5. We’re already beginning to reduce lockdown restrictions in Saskatchewan.
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