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  1. I have a friend with strabismus (lazy eye) and it makes her feel uncomfortable and stigmatized when people mock Crenshaw for only having one eye.
  2. Six people test positive, so they test hundreds more, find 45 asymptomatic cases and plan to test 10,000 more that work at the market where the outbreak occurred, all the while reimposing lockdown measures. That's how this pandemic should be handled everywhere. Sadly, we'll suffer with this for far longer than we need to because few countries are responding in such a manner.
  3. What do you want me to respond to? edit: this seems like a bad faith mention. Isn’t that supposed to be against the rules. edit2: I don’t think I explain how it’s not really that bad as much as I ask for clarification when people (especially you) say it is REALLY REALLY BAD. If that makes me a china defender then so be it. I’m still waiting for you to tell me how much community spread is actually occurring in China. But I guess I’m such a defender to even ask for clarification on that point.
  4. If he donated to Bernier he’s a fucken chud I don’t give a shit about any board he sits on
  5. Darn! I was hoping they’d pull a challenger and go forward regardless of the weather.
  6. There’s so many people ironically saying shit like “well we saved grandma so it was worth it.” Like um well... yes? If you can reduce the casualties of a pandemic that’s killed almost 100,000 of your countrymen SO FAR, uh yes it certainly is worth it?
  7. Maybe he’s ill. He did recently have a heart attack and he’s almost 80. That’s about the age when people really start slowing down in my experience.
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