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  1. SilentWorld

    The Kavanaugh Confirmation Charade Thread

    He’d better not fuck this up.
  2. I get that part I guess I’m just not sure, like is Rosenstein trying to sandbag Trump? I see him as just doing what he feels he’s professionally required to do.
  3. Would Rosenstein be on Mueller’s side? He’s a Republican right?
  4. what if trans fat is delicious tho
  5. If history is any indication, trump will start writing mediocre poems and everyone will forget how much of a joke his presidency was.
  6. This is like the worst news ever.
  7. SilentWorld

    Taco Bell voted best Mexican restaurant in the US

    what's wrong with taco bell
  8. SilentWorld

    The Official Thread of Existing While Black

    She’s a qt
  9. Did anyone else notice he’s packed on the pounds recently? On top of everything else, he’s gotten quite fat too. Gross.
  10. Or you know, he’s just an asshole.
  11. This is easy. Nationalize Facebook, Amazon, and Google. They'd all function better as public services than as private companies anyway.