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  1. If we’re going to be sending people to Mars, there’s probably going to be loss of life eventually.
  2. I think Suits was more popular in Canada than the USA, probably because it was filmed here.
  3. "Well yes climate change is going to cause a significant amount of human suffering, but it probably won't cause a complete extinction of human society. Once the suffering gets bad enough I think we'll find a solution" is not really a very optimistic outlook on the future of humanity IMO. I also think that the idea that "we always solve problems when the consequences get bad enough" is being extremely optimistic. Technological development alone isn't going to pull us out of the woodchipper unless we have some miraculous discovery very soon. Here's a hypothetical: tomorrow the University of Utah (lol) announces they have developed a commercially viable fusion reactor. It would still take years, probably decades before the majority of power production was replaced by such a device. And then, it would take decades after that to get to the point where the climate stopped warming. If this miraculous technological development you're hoping for isn't going to happen until after we're seeing coastal cities and island countries getting submerged, I don't think I'm being pessimistic to say that it's probably too late.
  4. Practically, the law isn’t going to prevent many 18-20 year olds from smoking. They’ll get cigarettes m from their college buddies, coworkers, etc. What it will do is make it harder for 13-17 year old to get cigarettes because the 18 year old seniors won’t be able to buy them. I tend to think that’s a good thing.
  5. While many things curently hauled by truck could be replaced by train (but then what powers the train?) there's plenty of things that can't be -- gravel/road base isn't going to be transported by train (or if it is transported by train, perhaps there's some place that doesn't have gravel pits for hundreds of miles that I'm not aware of, it's still got to be transported by truck for the last part of the journey). And with current technology (despite what Elon Musk might say), it's literally legally impossible to put a powerful enough battery in a haul truck. The truck would be overweight even when it had no load! Perhaps hydrogen isn't feasible either, but battery electric is literally a non-starter and will continue to be unless battery density has a revolutionary change. Like it needs to improve probably 10 fold.
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