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  1. I can't believe that someone can live in a country where cops think its okay to open fire in the streets, where "right to work" means you have no job security, that healthcare isn't considered a human right, and think the issue distills down to 4k TV's and surround sound systems. what the fuck kind of neoliberal bullshit
  2. Trump’s gonna be out of office in a year anyway.
  3. Oh maybe I’m the heathen. I think I’ve only ever eaten tuna from a can.
  4. Nice attempt at a dunk, but that point was already brought up in that thread. I do not believe it is likely that 150% of the Bolivians in VA retweeted that.
  5. When you think about it, any food that involves raising animals in factory like conditions is pretty inhumane regardless of whether it's bad for the environment or how healthy it is. But I'm still gonna eat chicken and eggs and probably beef too.
  6. This is the one thing I didn’t want to happen.
  7. I think 1981 - 1996 seems like a good estimation. You have the people who saw the internet as the "big new thing" when they were leaving highschool/going into college, to the people who witnessed smartphones become the big new thing while they were leaving high school/going to college. There's also the factor that like, the rise of the internet isn't the only thing that defines the millenial generation. I'd argue experiencing the great recession before your 30's is something that defines the millenial generation. I really can't see calling someone in 1985 a gen x'er. My sister is 12 years older than me and was born in 1974. In highschool, she could take a typewriter class as an elective, and there were I believe several levels of it, so you could take more than one semester. I feel like maybe someone born in 1980 might have experienced that, maybe, but I really don't think anyone (in my city anyway) born in 1985 was learning how to operate a typewriter in highschool.
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