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  1. its pretty fucking ridiculous that flame throwers are legal. it's pretty not surprising that someone from fucking arkansas wouldn't think so though.
  2. lmfao fucking flame throwers are legal? what a country.
  3. It is kind of sad that manifest destiny was abandoned as a guiding principle at the end of the 19th century.
  4. I heard something about a live stream.
  5. Canada doesn’t really work all that great as an anti-registry example. The long gun registry was poorly administered and ultimately eliminated but there has been mandatory registration for “restricted firearms” (handguns and most semiauto rifles) for almost 100 years. That registry still exists and is in force.
  6. I think you're really underselling the benefits of education in general. An english lit degree is absolutely worth $50 grand when considering how much it benefits life time earnings. That being said, even if it wasn't, I'm still uncomfortable with the notion that only those born to wealthy families should be able to pursue a liberal arts education.
  7. nah I think somethings going on with you, you've been really condescending with almost everything you post on here for the past two or three weeks.
  8. this is like peak americentrism but ok. it's also pretty typical of how you've been posting for the past few weeks to say it's "super dense" to ask questions on a discussion board.
  9. It was pretty obvious in the context of the conversation that was going on.
  10. A fried chicken and Cheeto sandwich is basically protein, carbs and fat with a shitload of salt. Assuming you don’t suffer from hypertension, your diet consists of more than this sandwich, and you’re not a glutton, it should be fine.
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