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Ender Lilies - great looking MetroidVania with a demo coming Jan 21st


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On 1/14/2021 at 8:17 PM, Littleronin said:

Am I the only one getting an odd Folklore vibe?

Ahh, Folklore. One of the first games I got with my PS3, that I couldn't play because it softlocked early on when you had a DualShock 3 instead of a SixAxis (or maybe third-party pads? In any case, you needed motion control for the very first battle) and I was sad because it seemed cool.

I still think about that game fairly frequently, despite never getting past the first battle.

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Played a bit of this in EA. Everything about this is really good except the combat. Its very interesting but not executed well. The main spirit you use is the knight , the other spirits you collect can be equipped and charges dictate how often you can them. The knights attacks are controlled by you (press X,X,X) for his attack, the other spirits are fire and forget. You also have dodge, the little girl just throws herself out of the away, I like this idea since she isnt a fighter but heres the rub. She has single animation for the dodge and it can be hard to tell where I frames end now add that hits dont produce any hit stun and even touching an enemy will damage you and swinging with knight locks you into the animation. Enemies can walk right thru your attack's while your locked in which means you end doing a lot of hit and run away. You also have flying enemies who fire out projectiles but early on your attacks hit horizontally so you forced to jump face to face rather then going beneath them and again the attacks lock you into place. Sometimes the fliers come down low enough to hit sometimes they dont and some of them fire homing projectiles and some of them shower the screen in projectiles. None of them individually are bad but when you start combining them its get frustrating. 

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