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  1. Because we live in hell, the only solution they're willing to give on will look like 1877; Biden gets the presidency but Dems promise not to pack the courts and/or add DC/PR as states lmao
  2. That's the perfect solution for me: if I did that I'd have no friends or family who use Facebook left
  3. The wapo and times editorial teams, both the news and op-ed sides, are deeply poisoned with 90's both sides brain. The times is far worse but it's still a thing at wapo
  4. Fun! My wife's family always gets together at her only surviving grandmother's house for American (read: real) Thanksgiving. She's in her 80's and lives with her son who has downs and a bad heart. An uncle of the family has been going through chemo for months now, and many of her cousins are in college on campus right now, and other family members are anti maskers based on Facebook posts. I don't think we've formally told them we aren't going to be part of that, but my wife has mentioned it in passing to her parents before.
  5. I don't think it matters One would think, though, that being at high risk of severe infection or death from covid (age + potential stroke that just happened) you'd be wearing one while in the hospital But not when your brain is on libertarianism
  6. Also if you are a so-called liberal you'd want an absolute dunce on the court, assuming you buy into the bullshit that content of opinions matter and not the composition of the court. But this guy doesn't. He wants to try to make sure some conservative will come to his aid should he be nominated for a similar post because of his LSAT and elite recommendations, and pretend this shit is content neutral and has no effect on actual people's lives
  7. Elite lawyers have solidarity that is only rivaled by police unions
  8. So Ron Paul had an apparent stroke during a live stream yesterday. He posted this From the hospital. With no mask. In a pandemic. Libertarians are dumb
  9. You telling me NYC and ny state aren't there same thing. Lol k bud sure
  10. You're getting too far into your hypothetical example which would require a specific reading of all impacted texts, and depending on the court reviewing the original meaning and/or intent of the most recent amendment. When it comes to the federal constitution, the most recent amendment always supercedes the older amendment if there is a logical inconsistency. Luckily your hypothetical example is logically consistent, though not equitable. Yes all people are entitled to equal protection under the law BUT the constitution is the law of the land; further, the constitution
  11. This is straight up bullshit. If something appears contradictory then an interpretation that does not make two seemingly contradictory clauses contradict, and the courts would go with that decision. If not, then the more recent amendment holds as law. See the 17th amendment and compare to the original text of the constitution with regard to selection of senators. It's not directly repealing the original text, but it is regarded as repealing the original text
  12. There's a reasonable interpretation of the constitution that changing each states 2 member representation in the Senate would require every state to sign off on it and not even a constitutional amendment could fix this
  13. Just need the Republicans in...checks notes...New York City....to get out of the way so that this can be fixed
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