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  1. I can not physically wait to drop 100 on Michigan. in the first half
  2. The midterms were a "healthcare election" if you ignore the actual evidence from battleground districts that Trump was just as much a factor. Further, So the people elected to these swing districts are wrong, Pelosi is wrong, democrats arguing against impeachment are wrong. IMPEACH.
  3. The best thing in Michigan, lol pence
  4. 2/3 of the opposition presidential candidates are full on for actually responding to this disgrace of a president, so at least there's that.
  5. Clearly violating federal statute (aka federal law) but we're not gonna do the impeachment thing
  6. Our cost overruns are a damn tragedy for public transit in this country.
  7. Barring government intervention, private insurance as a primary provider of health insurance, won't be able to compete with Medicare. This plan still keeps in place the link between medical coverage being affordable and employment, just makes things even more confusing but hey the "consumer" has "choice"
  8. Health savings accounts are great if you're young and healthy, or middle to upper middle class, and are relatively useless if you have an actual emergency that costs a significant amount of money. Hello cancer and heart attacks. Hell, diabetes maintenance is hard enough as is. I had two ER visits for my daughter that have cost me about $3k out of pocket in my first year with an HSA (cost about $5k before insurance negotiating down the price). Besides, it's not the $150 doctor checkup that's bankrupting people and exploding costs in the country. It's wildly expensive medical tech, prescription drugs, just generally out of control medical costs (high deductibles and expensive premiums), in network/out of network unknowables, and administrative bloat. More private insurance in the US won't help any of this. There's literally no one who is getting rid of the VA healthcare. Ever. Not even Bernie. Same for preexisting conditions. Both political nonstarters. And none of this touches the very serious ticking time bomb for families reaching their late 60s/70s--long term care costs, which will eliminate the wealth of all but the most wealthy/healthy/AND well prepared (But would be covered under M4A as written)
  9. I thought you might like this story from The Washington Post. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio ends his bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination https://wapo.st/2AxaJuH
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