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  1. It's officially burreaux with the Heisman. Also This appears to be a record.
  2. Literally the only driving, consistent force in guys life, campaign, and presidency is racial animus (and narcissistic love of self). He's the manifestation of popular racialized grievance politics to date in the 21st century. His election, and subsequent administration is the most openly white supremacist since the Wilson administration a century ago. One of his closest advisors, the architect of our border policy, Stephen Miller, regularly reads and promotes racist garbage from sites like vdare and brietbart, which make their rounds regularly among white supremacist alt right types which would seemingly be banned under this Canadian guidance. I mean reportedly a neonazi/white supremacist ban on Twitter, if applied to the US, would ban "some" Republican politicians
  3. Germany was copying the early 20th century US, so it's all circling back.
  4. Right when i thought we had dumb traditions, i remember we got them from these idiots
  5. Right wing nationalism in the Anglo world is so, so great
  6. I agree that traditional material interests don't overcome all, but what explains the massive loss this election with 2017
  7. Just laugh at these people, they get paid better than we do but know nothing
  8. I don't remember if it was posted in this thread or on the discord, but his policies were massively popular (+44% or thereabouts for a few of them) but corbyn was underwater by like 40% personally. But these issues seemed to be backseat to brexit so ymmv. From what i understand labor didn't have a strong message on it until later in the election cycle where libdems were remain /revote and Tories leave, generally.
  9. First past the post systems screwed the pooch here
  10. All I'm saying is every successful democratic candidate for president in my lifetime pulled a large chunk their base from the yoots and African American community
  11. Now we will never know what skills wallets will do!
  12. We're just gonna dial back that enthusiasm a whole lot if the nominee isn't Bernie. The younger cohort isn't going to donate, knock on doors, and phone bank like they would for Bernie (and a lesser extent Liz) for several of the "things will not fundamentally change" candidates.
  13. Every left candidates is going to get uncritically and wrongly smeared like corbyn so just be ready for that
  14. Pipelines are safer. No longer relying on oil to power the economy of the planet is safest.
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