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  1. Anyone who says America is the greatest country in the world is a goddamn moron, especially outside of military matters.
  2. Has anyone ever seen Barron and bannon in the same place at the same time?
  3. The "respectable liberals" have been siding with reactionaries on the right rather than the left since at least 1789.
  4. I hope they do. It's much harder to destabilize the middle East without that base.
  5. ONE MORE THING just how close are these anonymous sources linked to pelosi?
  6. They're not entitled to their seats. Primary challenges are good, especially in relatively safe districts (which is why I assume they're being 'targeted' in the first place). As long as they're not primarily going after CBC members let them fuss, and let the voters sort it out.
  7. member the fake news liberal media? I member
  8. Pelosi is fine enough when she isn't publicly shitting on her own members (beyond just giving cover for more moderate members of the caucus) and utterly abdicating her constitutional responsibility by just ignoring everything that Trump does.
  9. Turns out the wealthy Californians that bankroll pelosi, and have created in no small part the housing disaster in that state, don't really want change. Because class comes first.
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