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  1. The sooner we get to the top ~5 candidates the better
  2. Tips to beat the system: 1) be wealthy 2) be white If you don't have #2, #1 might be enough
  3. Only those in shitty states though. California, NY, VA, WA (&etc) conservatives should keep filling it out.
  4. These things are meant to be put together in like 15 seconds by someone earning at the legal or market minimum for how much you can pay someone. You want nice looking food that's gonna cost more than $5 for a sandwich
  5. Trump is probably going to "order" the opposite in a tweet later
  6. I assure you food does not come out "the other end" or I am completely missing what "eating ass" is about.
  7. Denies reality and surrounds himself with loyalists. Perfect guy to take on Trump
  8. What about the VP or the president? Gotta get those logical operations right
  9. Maine and Nebraska. This is why we hundreds more reps in the house. If gerrymandering has such a huge effect, dilute its effects. The solution to pollution is dilution.
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