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  1. The Sanders campaign is the best thing to happen to leftist politics in probably a generation. If he thinks he can still campaign, he needs to, even if he won't win.
  2. Yeah but only because they actually want to screw her
  3. Assuming he doesn't leave office he will need generals on his side to continue to take his orders. This is all based on the supposition that Trump doesn't leave office in Jan 2021 or 2025
  4. It'd be a coup no matter what. He's got sympathetic generals and he's filled his side of Congress and cabinet with yes men.
  5. He could simply ignore the electoral college results, declare them fraudulent, and sit his fat ass down behind the resolute desk
  6. It literally all depends on what Republicans think. If the election is close at all, he can claim fraud and hang on as long as Republicans allow
  7. He's probably going to win CO, but his policies are generally shit. I don't exactly trust a former oil guy who drank fracking water that he actually supports a meaningful carbon tax, let alone something more ambitious like the gnd
  8. Trump's image won't take a positive turn until he shuts his fucking Twitter hole. Which means he is dead.
  9. Think of all the things we won't be able to do with a democratic majority in the Senate
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