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  1. I mean that's the nature of the caucus, and I'll hate whomever they choose. But after ~15 years of her leadership it's time for someone new, her leadership just isn't up to the task anymore (but neither is the caucus so, ya know, not sure what will come of this all)
  2. Now, now. We can't be "playing politics", we're the Serious Party, we don't "do" politics. We're just here to govern. Again, how many times did the GOP vote on an Obamacare repeal from 2010-2014?
  3. Like you read the article and you'd think that the house can't work on covid relief, government funding, and the MORE act at the same time. These people are unbelievably stupid. The senate is the hurdle, they haven't even passed a bill.
  4. Good thread. That said, the concluding tweet, Seems fair, but looking at incentives.... And as for The whole thing is nuts. The crazy part is where the fire probably would have happened anyway because another fire started nearby at the same time due to a tree falling on a power line, the tree suffering from an internal rot/disease that could have only been detected with a much closer inspection which no one could expect any utility to do.
  5. It can be in the curriculum, but it doesn't mean the material is reached, doubly so if you're in an underserved/poor school. And this could be completely disconnected from any nefarious motives! My high school class had so many students with IEPs, and so few who could make it into/be successful in the few advanced placement courses that we had, that the two tracks often had the same core classes like English. So while we had this nice big book full of Shakespeare and Twain etc we never got to most of the material because we had to spend literally a whole month listening to the audi
  6. Very cool, very normal. I've seen conservatives similarly dismiss california in other contexts as well so this is on brand
  7. No I want to talk to them. They sound interesting. I know he's deeply unpopular, but he's still a republican and that's what matters in KY. McGrath is also a bad candidate!
  8. I honestly don't remember even getting to reconstruction in my high school history classes. We did the revolutionary war and some time before that, then to the civil war then just stop really. Maybe we made it to the progressive era, I just remember the pictures from the pullman strike but I also read ahead because the class was so boring. Next history or civics class was on government/civics and I think this covers my formal high school "social studies" education.
  9. A friend of mine from college helped organize a union at their workplace in Ohio, and got a handwritten note from Senator Brown thanking my friend for their work in unionization. This is why he gets reelected as a Dem in Ohio.
  10. We'Re SeRiOuS aBoUt GoVeRnInG ...But don't realize it's all political, and this isn't the west wing, and repetition, repetition, repetition is what voters get, it's what trump innately understands, just fucking do it! Seriously, the ads write themselves! "We've passed a dozen relief bills, all while trump and Mitch's senate have passed nothing!" That the details muddy this situation are irrelevant, it puts them on the defensive in having to explain why nothing has gotten done, and the line "the Dems are playing politics/stopping us from passing a single bill in our cham
  11. Right now the problem is timing, next the issue will be the policy or some minor element of price reform or justice that they just can't stand for. These people are fucking useless. Also, I really don't understand why house Dems don't just do what house republicans did back in the day when "repeal Obamacare" was a thing and just vote, vote, vote, vote on the same bill over and over and over and over again with regard to covid relief. Or even slightly different bills, so they can say "we've passed x number of bills, the senate has passed none" or something like that. They don't do a
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