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  1. There has been very, very little "good" bipartisan legislation in the post realignment era
  2. Gridlock is a terrible solution. Things need to happen legislatively and you can't do that in gridlock. It only emboldens the executive
  3. Environmental issues are inherently tied to race in this country, and to some extent gender. That said, the over arcing theme is those most affected by failures of environmental protection are the most vulnerable group, the poor, who happen to be disproportionately non white, but not exclusively so. This is what the left has been saying for years, but it is only really getting traction recently.
  4. On the bold, that was Joe Lieberman, not a swing state senator, that killed the public option in addition to Scott Browns election/Ted Kennedy kicking the bucket. On the alt right, it doesn't come to it's strength without the long running migrant crisis, made worse by deliberate American policy in the middle East (hello Iraq war), central and south America (hola CIA contra funding and the drug war), and policy in post-Soviet Eastern Europe (privatization leading to mass corruption and powerful, wealthy oligarchs in Russia who got hit by sanctions as a result of the invasion of Crimea). Throw in tech allowing formerly niche racist/nativist ideas being amplified by social media and far right political parties, and all backed in part by the aforementioned oligarchs (and our own native oligarchs, lest they be forgotten). And I agree that other factors are at play, but I'm looking exclusively at the realm of items that were deliberately done by our government. On the right and left I did keep that post fairly superficial, but only to be glib. Regarding the rise of the left, there are a few items where they're wrong (rent control bring the most egregious) but the problem I have is your framing of the problem. I'm rephrasing here, but your ideal policy seems to be the one that helps the "most" people, not "all" people. The problem with this, in the frame of health insurance is you deliberately leave people behind, and people still go bankrupt because of medical bills, and every single person who needs care is on the hook for an unknown amount of money, which increases at an insane rate year over year. That's not even mentioning the absolutely Byzantine bureaucracy of navigating paying for care once you receive it. And insurance companies are already fighting against a public option, calling it the same thing as M4A (based on an ad from an insurance lobby I heard a week or so again). Not too get too much farther into the healthcare woods, but M4A is the best policy. Basically, profits need to take a hit, and costs that can only be controlled by the government should be done so because healthcare takes up so much of our GDP to no benefit for us. As for the carbon tax, again, being glib, but I think a carbon tax even with a refund is wholly inadequate to take on the task of stopping emissions worldwide, let alone taking measures to remove carbon from the atmosphere.
  5. Don't forget it's gonna be e-z-p-z to fight climate change, we just have to give an itsy-bitsy tax on carbon dioxide, the tiny byproduct of every single combustion reaction that powers the modern economy
  6. 50+ years of American policy under "normal" presidents in the mid east and Central/south America, and the entire history of American foreign policy towards Eastern Europe since the fall of the Soviet Union, plus some good old fashioned home-grown racism lead to the formation of the current international alt right movement. All that policy is coming home to roost now, and the seeds were planted under 'normal' presidents. The seeds of domestic leftism (particularly among the younger generations) is a direct result of the healthcare, housing, labor, banking, fiscal, environmental, and higher education policies of the last 40 years, all under "normal" presidents, who all worked in various ways to undo the progress made under FDR and LBJ. The time for minor course corrections were decades ago, but entrenched interests have ensured that working with them for minor corrections over the past decades is a fools errand, so they must be confronted directly. And I can't really stress enough the looming environmental catastrophe that is climate change is affecting our generation.
  7. There's no such thing as normal! We actually, literally, seriously were not just at the cusp of the end of history, just a few small tweaks away from perfection! Hell, there never really was this mythical time of comity, except in a fictional history perpetuated in American mythology. There are too many things we've brushed aside for too long that are coming to a head now. Buckle up
  8. For being so smart he sure changed his mind pretty fast just this year. What facts on the ground changed since his tweet in Feb?
  9. We shouldn't. Republicans will do everything in their power to gaslight us all about this period, just like with GWB, like it never happened.
  10. Biden would be a far better candidate than Mayo, if his brain wasn't mush. He's at least somewhat consistent in his politics even if just for just this campaign. Klouberchar is pretty good too, but shit policies. Mayo seems passionately driven for getting himself elected, nothing more. He started with "Medicare for all is the compromise" and "they're gonna call us socialists anyway so we might as well do the right thing" and then pivoted to insurance industry talking points about M4A.
  11. Pete is a dogshit candidate, the thread (not putting the whole thing here, just the highlights):
  12. A few things: -no one should be shocked they're endorsing Bernie. He's by far the closest to them ideologically and AOC literally worked on his campaign, and is the reason she got into electoral politics. I don't think it will really hurt them because they're already relatively marginalized within Congress. -I thought Bernie's campaign was too white?!?
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