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  1. More likely the emergency comes before the vote and you have federal officers outside polling locations in areas where illegals are likely to vote or whatever. Basically feds would intimidate black people, brown people, and liberals.
  2. This is what will really restrain Republicans, but his electoral brand will take a major hit from a loss, even though he and about all other Republicans will claim fraud or whatever
  3. Frontrunner: imagine the extremely well-liked ex president was killed Electibility!
  4. Awaiting for a mea culpa from some of this boards neolibs sporting this Economist line. He told you what he was going to do. Same as Trump. Believe them when they say they're going to do x.
  5. Tbh having the massively wealthy be buried with their wealth would be better than the intergenerational oligarchy we have now
  6. Times like this make me yearn for the days of regime change. Almost.
  7. This might, somehow, be the worst week of his presidency thus far. And not just his anti Semitism coming out in the open(again), but just fucking everything fills me with existential dread. I think I need to log off for a while or find something more productive to focus my energy.
  8. And actively rake their own members, liberal Congressional representative women of color who are Muslim, over coals for comments significantly more miles than claiming American Jews have dual loyalty.
  9. Lmao I pulled that quote right from Heller, the second issue held by the court in the majority's opinion
  10. Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose
  11. My summary was basically from the Heller case as decided by Scalia.
  12. Really depends on what you mean by gun control. Can we limit the type of weapons you can own? In large part, yes. Can you require licensing, registration, and insurance? Also yes. Can you make these restrictions so onerous that it effectively and severely restricts legal gun ownership? Probably not.
  13. Give me a well sourced contextual meta analysis of that phrase using mid to late 1700's periodicals and literature as source material or give me death
  14. It's a difference in scale. It's easier to work with one USA and secure a single plea deal than it is to be competent enough to manage something that looks incompetence across massive organizations. The more simple explanation is that the latter really is incompetent. A smaller conspiracy is far more likely to work and actually happen than a massive conspiracy.
  15. Incompetence and or corruption at one US attorneys office, though I'd lean toward the latter given what we know. I'm not arguing that him and his unnamed coconspirators didn't have undue influence on the initial deal, but this recent prosecution has very much the markings of incompetence and apathy.
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